Custom Banners Set Your Business Apart

Custom Banners Set Your Business Apart

One of the main tenets of marketing is for a business to highlight its unique selling pointsor unique selling proposition (USP). What can you say about your company that no one else can attach their name to? That’s where custom banners come in. They’re, big, bold, cost-effective…and you can say anything you want.

Versatility makes custom banners a smart choice  

Customvinyl banners from BannerBuzz are a smart investment because they offer so many choices to attract customers. Not only do they highlight your key message, they grab attention with an unlimited array of colors. So it’s no problem to match your logo and company colors. We’ll even send you a finalized proof at no extra charge if you request one.

We also print banners in any size to fit a variety of applications. Display large-format banners outside your building in high traffic areas for maximum exposure. Hang them in the frontwindows of your store to announce sales and discounts to pedestrians and motorists. Fasten them to walls or suspend them from ceilings to guide in-store traffic. Use them outdoors to announce grand openings, direct traffic, identify parking areas. You get the idea!

The real beauty of customized vinyl banners is that they can adapt to the specific needs of your business. Real estate firms can announce open houses. Restaurants can promote meal specials. Auto repair shops can remind motorists to winterize their vehicle. Whatever you sell, you can probably put a seasonal twist on it or turn it into a special promotion that will be seen by more people from a greater distance with a banner.

Long-lasting investment  

Vinyl banners from BannerBuzz are durable. Made from a synthetic resin or plastic, they can withstand tough weather conditions. We recommend coating banners destined for outdoor use with a semi-gloss finish for even greater longevity. They’re designed to keep working and looking good for seven long years.

For all these reasons, customized banners are ideal for allowing you to be creative and unique in calling attention to your company, with the adaptability to match your application and enhance your product, promotion,or event.

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