5 Ways Bar Signs Can Make Any Restaurant Feel at Home

When it comes to the success of restaurants, bars, or cafe businesses, one of the most vital aspects is grabbing people’s attention. Since the industry is crowded and competitive, owners need to build a strong brand presence to be able to differentiate their business from others.  

Neon signage is an excellent solution to this problem. Neon signs easily generate a lot of buzz and piques the curiosity of potential customers. Highly visible and visually impactful to customers, they’re exactly what a good restaurant needs.

The bright dazzling colors of neon bar signs coupled with the warm and cozy glow is something that makes them more effective than simple white lights for your restaurant. Read on and learn the various ways these neon bar signs can entice patrons and make them feel at home.

High Level of Customer Satisfaction

Restaurants with visual elements such as signs and decals enjoy the advantage of enhanced customer satisfaction rates. Bar signs help patrons and customers learn more about menus, drinks, specials, and other offerings that make them feel valued and taken care of.

For instance, if customers are waiting for drinks, food, or a seat at the bar, neon signs can be used to draw in some interest. As a good conversation piece, the perfect neon sign can create a warm atmosphere while distracting the customer from a busy bartender.

Generally speaking, all bar signs are important to provide information within the space. Neon signs are even stronger for this purpose, as they’re eye-catching and draw instant attention. By lighting up your entryways with a custom neon sign; you’ll never have to deal with a customer asking for directions to the bathroom again.


For restaurants and bars, attracting more business can be a tough task, making it essential for them to stand out above the rest. Creating a sign with the perfect visual panache can be one of the best investments you can make in your restaurant. Neon signs are especially up to the task, as they’re widely customizable.

Unlike early models, modern neon signs can be customized to match almost any logo or design scheme specific to your branding. While your color scheme may be more limited than print signs, neon signs can still contain whatever type you need to convey.

One of the other benefits of custom bar signs is the ability to choose from a variety of available fonts. By using a custom font, you can create a beautiful set of neon type that closely matches your business branding.

Offer Creative Freedom in Design

Custom neon signs for bars offer endless visual possibilities to explore for restaurant owners. Along with customizable information, restaurants can also design their neon signs for bars in almost any shape or color. 

When designing your neon sign, think of the space you’re using it holistically. Whether interior or exterior, consider the other forms of lighting that surround the sign, and pick the perfect match. A nice splash of color can elevate almost any space’s lighting.

Enticing Artwork 

Once customers are in your bar, the next job is to make them feel at home and ensure that they keep coming back. A neon or a lighted bar sign can be the perfect art statement to light up the walls of your bar.

Regardless of the lighting conditions in the surroundings, these signs are bright and quickly attract customer attention. This makes them perfect focal points for your bar. For added impact, stage your neon sign next to a wall for easy access, and entice customers to take pictures with it to share on their social media handles.

Light Up the Entire Space

It’s important to remember that neon signage is bright and visible in almost all types of lighting settings. When used in exteriors, neon signs can draw attention from across parking lots and around street corners. Likewise, the glow of a neon sign can draw at all hours of the day, providing added benefits for restaurants and bars open late.

For interior usage, neon signs are an excellent way to make sure that your bar is lit appropriately and that customers have a great experience. Irrespective of the theme of your bar, the entire space can be transformed by the retro, cool glow of a neon bar sign.

Choosing colors and design elements wisely allows you to light up any area of your bar beautifully. Whether it is to provide lighting in a dark area of your bar or a funky sign to direct customers to the bathroom, bar signs can be both functional and attractive design.

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