Why should I go for vinyl banners with Bannerbuzz?

Banners are the best way to seek attention and jump your business with the latest product information…

company introduction and message. When coming to choosing a banner from wide range of the materials available are you sure what you’re looking after? The Vinyl banners are one of the best way to put your business into the marketplace.

Over the last few years all the companies are looking for the different ways on how to make the product more visible to the users via various marketing strategy. Out of all the Vinyl banners are the most effective and creates more impact if placed and right place and printed with good graphics with the brief product information than the other marketing strategy. Every type of different custom banners have their different assets and flaw yet they are completely different from each other depending on the use of it.

Why should I go for vinyl banners with Bannerbuzz? The answer is that you get the size whatever you want there’s no limitations how big the banner you want. With all weather material and ink are used to manufacture the Vinyl banners that keeps your product and company’s name going without bump throughout the year.

The vinyl banners comes with the option of 13oz and 15 oz (upgrade) vinyl/flex material and matte finish for non-reflection of light materials for viewing angles with digital printer that prints the graphics from 720 to 1440 dpi resolution giving you the graphics output.

Our Eco-solvent printing using outdoor ink suitable for outdoor banners comes with one year warranty for ink and material. We also provide finishing options of HEM: Hot air welding, Stitch: Single Stitching with Nylon thread, Flash Cut: Straight cut, Grommets: metal Grommets and Pockets: 1.5 inches to 2 inches tube that allows the pole to pass through with no extra charges.

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