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Specifications for graphics to be kept in mind while designing a banner

Often we tend to get confused when it comes to scaling the artwork during banner design. I am sure many of you might have faced issues due to improper picture resolution. There are times when you design a banner on your computer, it looks just fine, but as soon as you submit them for printing, the picture gets blurry or in other terms it pixelates.

Graphics could be either raster or vector. The raster graphics image is a dot matrix structure generally representing a rectangular grid of pixels. They are resolution dependent so they cannot scale after a certain resolution without affecting the picture quality. e.g. MS Paint. For CMYK 4 color process printing 150-300 pixels per inch works decently good. While on the other hand, vector graphics use geometric principles like a line, curve and shapes all of which are based on mathematical expressions to represent images in computer graphics. Line art is scalable to any size and never loses resolution; hence image will stay clean and crisp. They can be submitted at any size proportionate to the banner size ordered.They use controlled points and nodes each of which can be expressed in x and y mathematical co-ordinates. e.g. Illustrator. Yes, all more so for the 2D images.

For sure there are certain norms to be kept in mind whiledesigning the graphics to maintain certain high levels of resolutions. Mainly these three metrics matter:

  • File type: Using vector software to develop images helps a great deal in keeping the file size restricted along with maintaining a very high picture quality. The images so created are vector graphic image. 
  • File format: The format in which you submit a picture for printing matters say a lot about the picture as well. The most acceptable formats are EPS (Encapsulated Post Script), AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF (Adobe PDF), PSD (Adobe Photoshop), JPG (High Resolution JPEG) and TIFF (High Resolution TIFF). 
  • Resolution: If using raster graphic images, depending on the resolution, they get blurry as enlarged for e.g. PSD, JPG, and TIFF. The rule says: 
  • 100% scale (full size output) at 100 dpi
  • 50% scale at 200 dpi or higher
  • 25% scale at 300 dpi or higher10% scale at
  • 600-1200 dpi recommended 

Thumbnail sized jpg and gif.files are not at a high enough resolution to be used on large prints like banners.

The following tips may come in handy:

  • No bleeds are necessary (unless ordering a banner stand that requires one).A page bleed is shown on the following image:

Specifications for graphics to be kept in mind while designing a banner

  • To reduce costs, if possible, redesign to eliminate the bleed or reduce the page size enough to fit the work on a smaller sheet of paper.
  • Set up size proportionate to the exact size banner you are ordering.
  • To prevent any text or important images from falling on the hemline or interrupted by a grommet, you will want to keep them at least 2″ away from edge such that they are not on the trim edge. Of course any image past the trim line is cut off.
  • While submitting any of the acceptable forms of image file, be sure to convert all text/fonts to outlines or curves. 

For more details on image scaling feel free to contact our expert designers who provide artwork services for no additional cost only at http://www.bannerbuzz.com/

Personalize gifts this festive season with Bannerbuzz

 With the festive season kicking in, friends and family getting together, are you facing trouble finding the right gifts for your loved ones? The toughest part of choosing a gift is often staying in budget. More so not the expensive ones are the best, it’s the thoughtful ones that make a difference. Yes it is possible your tastes may differ, so always gift something that you would have loved to receive.

Personalize gifts this festive season with Bannerbuzz

You feel you are the only one facing issues getting the right gift? Uh-uh. Not just to make you feel better but there are many such people out there. One reason is also because people loose touch with each other and its difficult to keep up with what they are into. Firstly, set a budget. Could be a few dollars here and there but at least you know what range to stick to. Its truly said, give more than you receive. Many a times gift cards work too. Categorizing age becomes a key factor when choosing your gift. For your young little ones you may find a ton of things around but when it comes to your elders,a lot of thought goes in to it. 

How about consider giving vinyl vehicle or maybe even personalized boat lettering if they happen to own one. This is a cheap and thoughtful way to surprise your near and dear ones. You can get a customized design, which is pre spaced and pre masked for easy installation. This gives a whole new look to their boat, yacht or any other vehicle. Bannerbuzz makes boat lettering in high resolution and marine grade vinyl quality. This protects the lettering from mainly water, wind and sun; making it stick along for long lasting years without affecting the brightness. If they follow the removal instructions properly, it does not affect the paint of their boat or vehicle either. The vehicle lettering too is something your friends and family would appreciate, especially if they own their own business, this definitely proves to be a blessing in disguise. That can be moving advertisement for their business, plus you are gifting them something they are really passionate about. And it does not burn a hole in your pocket too! Here you go, a win-win right there!!

Custom Text with Bannerbuzz

I am sure you can find a lot of other options for gifting but personalized gifts are like a cherry on the cake. They depict that you care and show thoughtfulness behind your gift. Other ways you can get better at gifting is by tickling your loved ones emotions and reigniting old memories (of course good ones!) through which they can connect more to your gift. Don’t be afraid to add humor but be careful not to hurt someone’s feelings. Like consider gifting them maybe a favorite picture of theirs on a canvas banner. It is sure to bring a smile on their faces. Canvas banners are made of sturdy woven fabric that can be used to print in high quality colors. They are typically for indoor use more so used for its decorative element. They come with a semi-gloss finish and can be further sharpened by making necessary edits.  

Create Banners with BannerBuzzz

At times, people often consider giving adventure time as experiences to something they may have never done. Sure a new experience does sound like a great gift say like the first scuba diving lesson or sponsoring a sky-dive or maybe even a game.

Personalized gifting can be a lot of fun by thinking just a little out of the box. Take the art of gifting to a whole new level with http://www.bannerbuzz.com/

Give Thanks with Bannerbuzz.com

Thanksgiving the time of the year when everyone waits to get together with their families and enjoy the big feast, that time of the year when we show gratitude to family, friends, colleagues, community, nature and god. The feeling of gratitude brings with it a lot of humbleness in a being. Give thanks with a big heart and you get a feeling so pure that can never defy happiness.

Give Thanks with Bannerbuzz

A feeling as great that makes us realize of what all do we have now instead of what isn’t. From spreading all the kindness around to counting the blessings you have, gratitude makes you feel content from within. Joy doubles when you express it and it is viral, passes on like a spark. Gratitude can be shown in numerous ways. Show that you care, show that you love someone and fill your loved ones day with pleasure. Show that there is benediction; be thankful to all the veterans and their families for the sacrifice they provide towards our nation in protecting us.

Be thankful to your family for who you are, is all because of them, their support and love for you. Be thankful your friends for they shape what you become. People often say friends you are identified by the friends you keep. Its true! After all you say, think and do like the company you are with. The give the correct advises when in need and empathize with you in every step of your being. Recently Facebook has come up with a fantastic new way of conveying personalized thanks to friends on their timeline. Yes those small expressions do make a difference.

Be thankful to your colleagues for all what you have achieved is also because of the team effort at work. They teach you in subtle ways, whether be it something good to do or at least what not to do. Be thankful to your customers for without them you wouldn’t have a purpose to serve your business. Be thankful to your community, for that is where you have emerged. A feeling of fellowship, sharing common attitudes, interests and goals would not have been possible without you being a part of community. Be thankful to nature for its wonderful being, with which we heal our souls, for the oxygen they provide us (duh-uh its obvious), for the peace and serenity that it fills us with. And last but not the least be thankful to God for being there within us, with us all through out; for the spirit in us, love and unconditional faith that makes us take huge steps with ease. Every morning be thankful to god for each beautiful passing day filled with lots of new opportunities.

At times don’t just give thanks just because we have to, say it because you want to. The transformation in the attitude will be all that matters to that someone close. Come, express, it’s time to give thanks with http://www.bannerbuzz.com/

Feel free to contact us for more ideas and let our experts’ help you make your own customized banner or sign for your loved one.

Driving employee motivation : BannerBuzz

Motivating and cultivating the employees in the right direction is often a difficult task for the management. When even after persistent trials, the staff does not feel the ownership of work, which is when you know it’s about time to change the company culture. Ensuring staff motivation as a part of company culture, you know there are a few things that follow like a viscous circle. More the job satisfaction, more the fun at work, more efficiency, better results which in turn results in improved motivation of your staff. A handful of tips that can help you get in the circle:

 Driving employee motivationPublicly praise your employees: Identify staff members with stellar performances in their respective areas and recognize their hard work. Give awards, or materialize the rewards for other members of the team to keep striving for more.

In case of a need to talk to low performing candidates, correct them privately. Make sure you keep the surroundings not too intense for them to keep an open mind. By Pareto’s principle you know there are always going to be those bottom 20% of the people striving to get to the rest.

Driving employee motivation - BannerBuzz

Include your staff in the success:When your staff stands by you in the times of need, never forget to include them in your success. Let them know they matter. Your success is a result of their hard work. Sometimes as simple as a small sign that shows gratitude boosts up their morale.

Provide continuous feedback: Employee morale depends a lot on this factor. Together set goals, give credit for a job well done, compliment them whole-heartedly and identify their strengths v/s weaknesses. Sometimes criticism can be taken in a wrong way, don’t worry; just convey the message politely. Any weakness if given enough time can be improved upon. Provide guidance, be a mentor and wait till they overcome their own shortcomings.

Give incentives: More so yes of course, in the end it is all linked to how you materialize their rewards. Tie an incentive to accolades like bonus or gift certificates. Their job may earn them some extra bit through performance driven commission.

Check out this video and summarize the matter above:

After all in the end what matters is a happy asset, more efficiency, leading to better results!! 

Making announcements was never easy!

Banners DesignIn order to generate highly effective communication sometimes you may have to go old school. By old school I mean the era of technology before Internet and social media. These old school marketing methods bring with them a surprise element when the customers least expect. We often tend to list down our priorities and later forget a few. Say while driving if we come across a signage and it reminds us of our procrastinated items, it surely rings a bell in your mind. Yard signs like many of its other counterparts are inexpensive and pretty effective when it comes to communicating your point across.

Announcement BannersAnnouncements could be for business promotions, branding, informational, family or personal events, yard sale, open houses and many more.At times getting only logos of your company printed as a yard sign can grab customer attention and make your presence felt. Designing media advertisements, adds up to a lot of cost, many a times them being unnecessary. With the market being tight and recession kicking in, cost cutting has become a name game. In this situation, yard signs come to rescue providing a cost effective solution helping make announcements easier.

Yard signs are a sure shot attention seeker while driving or walking across the street. Especially strategically placed signs with maximum visibility like the ones besides the pavement or on the block dividing the road, can convey a point across well. They can be used in various ways such as indoor as well as outdoor areas in places like tradeshows, events or business promotions.

Welcome BannersOften what is difficult for social media to achieve and yard signs can easily do is captivate the customer’s attention. Every person reading that sign is a potential customer. They may be in search of you or if ever a need, they will remember to contact you or a service like you. With all the competition in the media industry as well, you need to stand out from your competition for the customer to even say like your page on facebook, follow you on twitter or as simple as even open and read your email. As in case of a yard sign, as far as its there, it keeps alluring more and more people to read them. Sometimes as we said, people don’t realize they need your services until they read your sign.

Banners and Signs

Informational yard signs can be put up as a series of signs to convey a message effectively. Yard signs can be an inexpensive solution to direct brand building.  Often during tradeshows people do put up directional signs to navigate traffic to their exhibit or just a casual fun sign for people to stop by and satisfy their curiosity.  These signs could have either a straight base or a cross spike base for better grip. They are light in weight, which makes portability much easier. In order to protect your sign from severe wind and other adverse conditions, either a sand bag or a water pouch is being put on the leg of the sign.

Regardless for new business these signs become a boon when it comes to spreading the word around. Carpenters, roof repair services, painters, landscapers, and other home improvement consultants put up a sign outside the house for people in the neighborhood to know they are at work. This could be beneficial while attracting potential new customers or retaining old customers. After all the end goal of any business is to be visible and approachable without burning a hole in their pocket!

How to Get Your Banner to Show More Signs of Success

Vinyl banners are one of the most affordable ways to promote your business, but if your banner can’t be seen or read, you are not reaping the full benefits of your investment.

How to Get Your Banner to Show More Signs of Success

Attention-getting design

It starts with your design, which you can easily create yourself on the BannerBuzz website. Choose a color and font type and size for your text that can be read from a distance and stand out against the background color of the banner. Before you begin designing your banner, take a look at the location of where it will be placed. Make sure the color of the banner will pop out from the surrounding area.

Well-traveled location

You will also want to think carefully about where you plan to hang the banner prior to ordering it, since the location will influence the size and type of banner you need. If you can select a location with high traffic – motorists and/or pedestrians – more people will be exposed to your message. You also need to make sure your banner will be visible to the public and not blocked by trees, light poles, traffic lights, high-voltage wires, or buildings.

Proper placement 

Once your banner arrives, it is critical to hang it correctly so it is at the right height and aligned evenly. We offer a variety of fasteners to meet your specific needs:

Bungee cords are one of the most popular and simple ways to hang banners. They are typically used to attach banners to a pole or fence.

Nylon rope also works well for attaching banners to poles and posts. It withstands harsh weather conditions. Nylon rope can be ordered in custom lengths.

Zip ties are the best way to display a banner on a chain link fence. They are inexpensive, yet durable –it takes a wire cutter to remove them.

Wall brackets will be needed if you plan to hang your banner on the side of a building. It will be necessary to drill holes in the wall to install the brackets.

Sky hooks will be needed if you wish to hang your banner on glass or any smooth surface. They contain an adhesive, eliminating the need to drill. Yet they feature incredible holding power. Sky hooks also blend in well, so they won’t detract from your message.

Poles and pole brackets are the option for you if you need to set up your banner on the ground. You’ll get two poles that will display banners up to 30 inches in width, along with two heavy-duty brackets.

Grommets can be requested in metal or clear options. There is no additional charge for metal grommets. You can also order banner clips, which allow you to hang your banner without the need for grommet holes.

If you need help with the design or in choosing the proper accessories for your banner, feel free to contact us for assistance.

Sneaky tips for hiding scratches on your car

Broom…Broom….here comes a new car! As much of a pleasure and pride it is to drive and own one taking care of it is just about equal pain. Remember that first scratch or a dent on it and you couldn’t sleep over? It hurts, hurts really bad when you live with it daily. Well these are the joys and stings of nurturing a vehicle. Many a times easy and quick fixes help a long way to cover up small or maybe even deeper scratches and dents without burning a hole in your pocket. Listing just a few of such fixes here with a hope to help.

  • Give a fresh sporty look and feel to your car using a custom wrap removable coating. By customizing your wheels or adding a racing stripe you can pretty much revamp the look and feel of your car. What more, it goes well with of course the factory painted finishes, metal, chrome, aluminum and plastic.

Car Decals  Stickers (Opaque)

  • If you happen to be a small business owner an easy and quick fix would be to have a car magnet made for your company that serves you for a dual purpose. This way you can easily cover up dents and scratches and hola! there you go – marketing for your firm as well!! But if you are not a business owner maybe you could keep an eye out for opportunities where they need people marketing for certain businesses. All you would have to do is have a magnetic sign on your car for them and they pay you for helping them reach masses.

Car Decals  Stickers (Clear)

  • Bring out the creativity in you and get a custom car graphics printed that suits your personality and taste. This would be a fun way to play around with scratches and dents plus its funky. You could also go for vehicle lettering. At bannerbuzz, they make lettering that does not fade easily with extreme weather conditions. Yet another way to market your firm.
  • Shhh…..one secret tip that works is using wax crayons followed by clear acquer or polish. Works in most of the cases with not so deep scratches.
  • There are a variety of pens available in the market. A clear lacquer pen, something called a magic pen (not sure if the magic works) but they are supposed to work for most of the major colored car paints. And how to forget our old and tested sharpies. If you can match one with the shade of your car sure go ahead and follow it with a polish.

Car Decals  Stickers (Reflective)

  • The tried and tested old school T-cut method along with a polish.
  • When it comes to driving swanky cars, why settle for less when there are a dozen ideas to make up scratches and dents? After all who wants to move around with them any way!!

Custom Banners Set Your Business Apart

Custom Banners Set Your Business Apart

One of the main tenets of marketing is for a business to highlight its unique selling pointsor unique selling proposition (USP). What can you say about your company that no one else can attach their name to? That’s where custom banners come in. They’re, big, bold, cost-effective…and you can say anything you want.

Versatility makes custom banners a smart choice  

Customvinyl banners from BannerBuzz are a smart investment because they offer so many choices to attract customers. Not only do they highlight your key message, they grab attention with an unlimited array of colors. So it’s no problem to match your logo and company colors. We’ll even send you a finalized proof at no extra charge if you request one.

We also print banners in any size to fit a variety of applications. Display large-format banners outside your building in high traffic areas for maximum exposure. Hang them in the frontwindows of your store to announce sales and discounts to pedestrians and motorists. Fasten them to walls or suspend them from ceilings to guide in-store traffic. Use them outdoors to announce grand openings, direct traffic, identify parking areas. You get the idea!

The real beauty of customized vinyl banners is that they can adapt to the specific needs of your business. Real estate firms can announce open houses. Restaurants can promote meal specials. Auto repair shops can remind motorists to winterize their vehicle. Whatever you sell, you can probably put a seasonal twist on it or turn it into a special promotion that will be seen by more people from a greater distance with a banner.

Long-lasting investment  

Vinyl banners from BannerBuzz are durable. Made from a synthetic resin or plastic, they can withstand tough weather conditions. We recommend coating banners destined for outdoor use with a semi-gloss finish for even greater longevity. They’re designed to keep working and looking good for seven long years.

For all these reasons, customized banners are ideal for allowing you to be creative and unique in calling attention to your company, with the adaptability to match your application and enhance your product, promotion,or event.

For More Information Visit : http://www.bannerbuzz.com

Build Your Business with Custom Banners & Vinyl Banners

In this day and age of high-tech marketing, it is sometimes easy to forget tried and true methods that still work and help you make the most of your advertising budget. Vinyl banners from BannerBuzz, for instance, get your message noticed, can be produced quickly, and hold up well under a variety of conditions.

Custom Banners & Vinyl Banners

First, you gotta get their attention

All your efforts will be a waste if your message isn’t seen  …or is seen but not remembered. BannerBuzz helps you  gain that visibility with customized attention-getting  banners that can be seen from a distance. You can choose  from any number of colors and graphics to make your message stand out. And don’t be afraid to think big. We  can produce banners in any size.

Make a good first impression with your banner…and

second and third and so forth

Vinyl banners are durable. They resist tearing and can withstand heat, moisture, and wind. So they maintain their good looks, and you keep your best image in front of the public, month after month.

Cost-effective, quick turnaround

Banners are one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise. Unlike billboards that require design fees and set-up costs, we can help you customize your design at no extra charge. We’ll provide a free proof at your request. And we can generally turn the project around in 24 hours after getting your approval.


Vinyl banners can be used inside and out to reinforce your brand, promote sales and discounts, and simply raise awareness. For instance, healthcare providers could hang a banner outside their facility to showcase an award celebrating their excellence. Real estate companies can post vinyl banners to announce an open house or a property for sale that will also remind the public they are busy making sales for their customers. Restaurants can hang banners to hype meal specials. Retail stores can use banners to advertise sales. Vinyl banners can be hung at athletic events as part of sponsorships to show support from local businesses. Banks can use banners to remind customers of different types of loans or mobile apps. Construction companies can set up banners to show a rendering of the project in progress.

Build Your Business with Custom Banners & Vinyl Banners

Build Your Business with Custom Banners & Vinyl Banners

The applications can be as creative as your imagination:

  • Agencies
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Construction Companies
  • Fairs
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Hotels
  • Overpasses (Highways/Railroads)
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants (Fast-Food and Traditional)
  • Retail Businesses
  • Sports Teams
  • Stages
  • Trade Shows
  • Transportation Companies

… and More!

Remember, a banner can be anything you want it to be. You don’t have to stop with advertising sales or identifying yourself at trade shows. Customized vinyl banners can inspire your employees, thank your customers/donors, create awareness, and showcase your work. BannerBuzz gives you the versatility to make that unique statement and ultimately build your brand. 

Make Your Halloween Party Come Alive with Customized Vinyl Banners from BannerBuzz

We’ve slashed prices … now 50 percent off!  

Halloween Banner

Halloween is supposed to be scary … in a fun sort of way. But watching the costs rack up as you buy the food and decorations for a Halloween party really can get scary when you are on a limited budget. That’s where BannerBuzz can help.We offer high-quality banners without charging an arm and a leg. (Couldn’t resist a little Halloween gore.)Order now and you can even get 50 percent off our already low prices.

Conjure up a customized banner  

We can help you create the spooky, funny, creative, colorful Halloween banner that will set the mood for your Halloween bash – whether it’s a private house party, school dance, or you need a larger-than-life banner to crowds to a community haunted house.You can choose any number of colors or graphics for your banner at no extra cost. And you can request any size.

Design Banner - Design Tool BannerBuzz

BannerBuzz Design Tool for Customized Banner

With our online design tool you can either select one of our standard banners or modify it for Halloween, or you can start from scratch and go Halloween crazy! If you need help, our staff designers are ready to assist you in bringing your idea to life. You will immediately see a rough image of your banner after you finish your design, but you can also request a finalized proof at no extra charge. Usually within 24 hours of getting your approval we will have your banner ready to ship.

Price and quality that will make you howl with delight  

Happy Halloween Banners

Because we are one of the largest wholesale printers in the industry, we realize  economy of scale and are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Yet we will  never cut corners. With more than 20 years of high-quality printing experience, we  pride ourselves on our workmanship. And to back up those commitments, we offer  both a lowest price guarantee and a 100 percent quality guarantee.

So when you are planning your Halloween party, make sure you contact  BannerBuzz for your customized Halloween banner. Going anywhere else could be  a grave mistake.