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Bizarre Road Signs from Across the World

In the US, we’re used to seeing the same old road signs every time we get behind the wheel. Certain shapes and colors have unified meanings. Everyone knows what red, yellow, and green means. While in other countries across the globe, road signs can take on unusual meanings with wild images. With different needs and driving conditions, every country comes up with their own system for alerting drivers. From armadillo crossings to crocodile attacks, avalanche warnings to radioactive chemicals, worldly road and parking signs can be a humorous way to get your point across.

Looking at some of the more bizarre road signs from around the world, the messages may change but the aesthetics remain fairly similar.  Geometrical shapes are meet with hard red outlines. White or yellow backgrounds usually feature black, silhouetted shapes and images. These guidelines seem to be a universal way of getting people’s attention. Firm lines, bold colors, high contrast and cutout characters are easily readable and understood. They’re a quick way of conveying information without overwhelming the viewer’s eye. Of course when you’re driving, you don’t have time to stare at an image for more than a quick second.

If we take these image-making principles out of their roadside context, they can be great tools for advertising and inventive marketing. The process of making information simple and understandable at a glance can be used for businesses and events of all varieties. If you’re planning an outdoor fundraiser and you don’t want people to litter, you can make a humorous sign that conveys your message in a simple way. You can conduct traffic with easily understood parking signs. The possibilities are endless. You can always look at international varieties for inspiration on how to make the best, wildest road sign yet.

At Banner Buzz, we specialize in creating custom parking signs, road signs, and any other kind of signs for businesses and events. You can create your own bold colors, geometric shapes, and silhouetted figures to share your message easily with potential customers, guests and the public at large. Use the road sign and parking sign model to get people’s attention and make your point known. Plus, they’re easy to design and make. Get your customized parking signs at Banner Buzz today.

Backlit Film Printing Vs. Flex Banner Printing

Backlit-Film-Glossy-SolventWhen it comes to attracting people to your business or logo, you need proper signage. Creating images and banners with bright colors, high contrast, and dynamic designs is a sure fire way to get people to stop and pay attention to whatever it is that you’re advertising. With so many different products and services on the market today, it’s hard to know which method of printing is the right one for you. We’ll talk about the differences between two of the most common methods of printing today, backlit film printing and flex banner printing, and the benefits of each one.

Backlit film printing creates stunning images by using a glossy finish on one side and a matted side on the other. The finished product looks as if it were lit from behind, creating a marvelous range of contrast. Using a diffused light source inside of a box, colors and words will pop out at the viewer. You’ll often see backlit film signs at bus stops, airports, and fast food restaurants. They have a nearly three-dimensional quality that turns heads and keeps the eye engaged.

Flex banner printing is one of the most common forms of printing. It digitally prints images and words on flexible pieces of material. It’s commonly used for outdoor events. The durable material is great for withstanding wind, rain, or snow over long periods of time. Natural sunlight is the best way to illuminate the images on the banner. Flex banner printing is a low cost, readily available form of printing. Its versatile and stretchy qualities make it great for all sorts of occasions.

When comparing flex banner printing to backlit film printing, you’re really comparing day to night. Traditional flex banner printing doesn’t hold a candle to the dynamic range of light and color that you see in backlit film printing. Flex banners look considerably more flat and two-dimensional than backlit film banners and signs. However, backlit film printing can be more expensive and depends on a light source to bring out its rich tones and sharp contrast, while flex banners functions without electricity. If you plan on printing dozens of signs and banners for an outdoor event or a one-time special occasion, flex banner printing might be the way to go. If you’re designing a large indoor banner or sign to attract new customers to your business, backlit film printing creates the type of dazzling image that will always get people’s attention.

How Wall Murals Change Interior Design

Let’s face it, decorating your home can either be a really fun project or a complete nightmare. If you’re lacking ideas, then this task has “trouble” written all over it. Instead of following traditional interior design trends, why not opt for something a little more creative and introduce a wall mural into your design aesthetics.

Artistic painting and wall murals are exclusive trends when it comes to home decor. These one-of-a-kind pieces offer unique opportunities to add drama and create a statement that everyone will be talking about. Modern wall painting designs and wall murals are a powerful home design and decor tool. So, if you’re considering taking the next steps in your decorating process, take these factors into consideration when deciding if a wall mural is right for you.

Wall murals set a certain atmosphere. Decorative painting transforms walls and adds drama to modern interior design. A dull room can be instantly transformed by taking an accent wall and turning it into a mural complete with gorgeous landscapes and garden views. Not only do custom wall murals look great in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, but they can also add personality to hallways and stairwells.

These creative painting ideas extend living spaces and can create a more dramatic and invigorating living experience.

Colorful painting ideas and wall murals can create amazing optical illusions. Wall murals bring an amazing fantasy world into room decorating. Whether you’re planning a space for your child filled with fairy tale creatures or are envisioning a space with a seascape, wall murals will be able to take you there and stretch the limits of interior design. Gone are the days of limiting your decor to a single color, custom wall murals will allow your room to transform into an outward expression of your imagination.

Custom wall murals will enrich your room’s color palette. Wall murals can take any traditional design style from classic to contemporary. One of the biggest benefits of incorporating wall art into the aesthetics of your home is the freedom to integrate multiple colors into the design. This will allow you the freedom to pick and choose multiple hues to best complement the theme of your room. Modern paint colors, varying shades and classic techniques are blended to design different visual effects, adding the glow to wall murals.

Wall art brings energy and exclusive decoration ideas into modern homes. Custom wall murals are one-of-a-kind and while they can be duplicated, no two will ever hold the exact same features. Wall murals are fantastic for bringing harmony into interior decorating and creating colorful and unique room decor. If you’re looking to add depth and a rich feel to your modern interior design then invest in a wall mural and rest easy knowing there will never be a space like your own.

The Next Generation of Decor with Wall Fabrics

Home is house with four walls unless you add character to it. Defining the space and molding the ambiance creates warmth and portrays personality of the habitat.  Give it a young chic look, modern contemporary, a royal flush, keep it traditional, bring out the child in you or show the extent of you being outdoorsy with fun, playful fabrics that highlight your individuality. Custom wall fabrics can be for anyone looking to brighten up a dull corner of your home to redoing the wardrobe or kids play area as well as adding meaningful décor for tradeshow booths.

Wall Fabric

Wall fabrics differ from window decals in multiple ways. They are made of polyester based wall fabric with 110 gsm matte finish while vinyl decals are 100 micron white monomeric calendered vinyl material with clay coated crafted paper as backing with 125 gsmOwing to the fact that they have a glued back, neither wall fabric nor vinyl decal can stick to extreme textured walls but wall fabrics can withhold textures much better than vinyls can. Being polyester fabric they hold more durability than the vinyl decals and do not stretch or tear that easily. Just peel them off the wall, fold them on the glue side and reuse whenever needed without denting at all. With a easy peel and stick application they come with a quality to be removed off, reposition and reapply very easily. Incase of the vinyl decals, once applied they can definitely be removed once but if you would want to reposition or reapply them it would be either difficult or maybe even not possible. Of course the wall fabrics are digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi resolution in full color to give verve to a life size image.  Say this picture besides is an example of such an image at Touch of Modern.

Wall Fabric

One of the most important features of the wall fabric is that they help with sound proofing the walls and designing acoustics. This helps with décor of offices in noisy surrounding to provide a peaceful interior. Customer conference areas at tradeshows can have such wall fabrics to help reduce sensitive ideas or presentations from leaking out. While designing a guy’s den it can help with sound proofing the walls and absorb excess echo.

As for the maintenance of the wall fabrics just clean and wipe with a damp cloth and you are all set. Yes can be used in outdoor applications as well but a direct sunlight there are chances of the glue at the back peeling off. At times for large images or size more than 50 inches in height and width, they may come in two or more pieces but putting them up together is easy and can wont be a hassle as they can be easily repositioned. The fabric material being thin there is a possibility it may get creased so it should be applied with care. A standard 4’x4’ fabric can weigh anywhere between 1 to 1.5 kg so yes definitely portable in weight and can be carried to places effortlessly in a container usually in which it gets shipped.

Digital prints with matte finish, almost no maintenance and easy peel and stick application, wall fabrics are the next generation of décor for the young and the ones that are young at heart. For more details on use and care of wall fabrics get in touch with us at www.bannerbuzz.com or 800-580-4489

Benefits of PVC Foam Board Signs

Creating an awesome buzz for your brand in today’s market is essential. From digital branding to signage, displaying your companies’ logo is a key element to marketing your company effectively.

When it comes to versatility, PVC foam board signs are an awesome option for any company that needs a sign that is both professional and versatile. Foam board signs can perform in a number of different capacities and we have listed five reasons why a PVC foam board sign might be the right choice for you and your company.

1.     Lightweight-

PVC foam board signs are extremely lightweight as the board they are printed on are made of lightweight foam and offer an amazing amount of versatility and transport options. If you frequent tradeshows or sell your goods at different markets they are a great option as moving them is a breeze.

2.     Adhesive Friendly-

Foam board signs are easy to secure to walls or other areas as they’re lightweight, which means that you can use removable adhesives to display them. When you don’t have the option of carrying a sign display, you can use small squares adhesive tabs and fasten the foam directly to walls, just make sure to use an adhesive that won’t leave any permanent damage on surface areas.

 3.     Cost Effective-

It’s important to keep your budget in mind when choosing your company’s signage, and PVC foam board is a great option if you need a number of signs at an affordable price. Foam board signs can be printed in a number of colors offering great options for custom signs that are easy to manage.

4.     Attention Grabbing-

Having a well-designed professional sign is sure to grab the attention of returning and potential customers. A PVC foam sign is a great way to make your company stand out from the competition, especially at trade shows and conferences. Foam board signs can be printed on a number of attention grabbing colors that are tactful yet classy. Make your small business shine bright with big, bold, and beautiful foam board signs.

5.     Imagery-

Last but not least is one of the coolest aspects of PVC foam board signs. With a foam board sign you can print a large-scale image directly onto the material, offering a compelling backdrop image for your logo or other branding material. These background images can also be printed to the very edge of the foam, giving your sign the appearance of a large photo of display screen. This can be a great way to show your product or service in an engaging and meaningful way, which is sure to draw the attention of anyone who passes by.

Custom Parking Signs: A Boon in The Blue!

As the concrete structures crowd, parking issues continue to be a rising headache. In most of the metros you may find people running circles (I mean, literally!) for parking; where majority of them nowadays do need to rent and reserve a spot on their name. At times people unknowingly park at your reserved spot in absence of clear specific signs, which becomes annoying. Oh and imagine having guests who drove over to their place! Lord, save them!Indeed a nightmare.

Custom parking signs can serve in multiple ways. Apartment complexes and corporates can get them done for tenants and employees while having specific custom signs for visitors, motorcyclists and authorities or employee parking. Storeowners can get their custom signs reserving spots for their clients and potential customers, which for sure is a boon and can serve to be a major part of their business. Imagine going to a shop and not having a spot to park, it would be highly inconvenient. Sometimes bringing your creativity out and getting custom signs with humor do bring a smile to people’s faces. Like the one you see here with member only parking was a funny sign found outside Wynwood walls in Miami.

Custom Parking Signs

Looking to the diverse cultures America gives home to; there will be so many demographic locations where having signs in a second language as well would be beneficial, especially in the areas where migrant population is higher than the local population. Parking signs to avoid confusion, storeowners grabbing that extra attention from migrant population and residents for them to feel at home. Even neighborhoods can have custom signs in a second language for caution while children are at play and curbside parking. Arrêt in French is stop. In many parts of Canada such custom signs for stop are found.

Parking Signs

For communities organizing big events like fundraisers or galas, game night or a cultural programs, clear custom signs to direct people as well as signs for parking can make it convenient for the people attending. These signs could be specifying valet parking, handicapped parking or general parking. For events during summer like open-air movie screenings or concerts seating signs can be customized to avoid confusion. At times these small courtesies go a long way in counting success for the event. After all this sums towards the overall experience of the attendee.

Parking signs can be customized to any extent say color, icons, images, borders and the key being customized text. They are meant for outdoor purpose and are printed over 0.040 sheet of aluminum. For maximum visibility they are made on a glossy white surface. The standard size for the same is being 12”x18” with 1”radius corners. You can choose to have landscape or portrait orientation. This product is built to last good for up to 5 years. Depending on weather conditions the durability of the sign may vary. For the most part, they can withstand sun (don’t fade easily), wind, dust, rain and snow. They do come with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation.

What more they last long, are reflective for better nighttime visibility, available in full color digital printing and most importantly customizable! Hurry get your own sign made with us.

At Banner Buzz, we are a dedicated team looking to serve our customers 24×7. Our designers work with you to get a design crafted until you are satisfied. We provide some of the best rates in the market. Don’t forget to take a look at our bulk quality discount before checking out. For any questions or concerns call us on 1-800-580-4489.

Make a Professional First Impression with Acrylic Signs

Having a sign that is compelling and well designed is an important aspect for any business. Often, signs are the first impression that your company makes with a potential client or customer, so it is extremely important to create something that is not only visually appealing, but also represents the energy of your brand. A great choice when it comes to something customizable and visually appealing is an acrylic sign.

Custom acrylic signs are a great option for a number of reasons, and we have decided to highlight some of the main factors that would make an acrylic sign a great choice for any business that wants a sign that is sure to impress its clientele.

Easy Customization

One of the key components of a custom acrylic sign is the customization that is possible when designing your sign. Many sign styles are limited because of the medium used to create them. Acrylic signs differ in that they can be modified, so whether you want floating letters or a mountable panel sign, you will always have full customization available to you.

An Air of Professionalism

There are plenty of great sign options that are available to business owners, but when it comes to a sign that really stands out, a custom acrylic signs is a great option, as it can set the tone for the professionalism and class that your company is known for.

Easy Installation

One of the most beneficial elements of choosing a custom acrylic sign is that they are easy to install and also easy to remove. This means that they are a great choice for companies that will be in their current space for a long period of time, but can also compliment a pop-up shop, or a company that is experiencing growth, that may need to eventually move into a bigger space. Acrylic signs can be made as mountable panels, which means that you can have a stunning sign, with out any permanent damage or structural change.

Floating Letters

Custom acrylic signs also offer the ability to build your sign out of custom floating letters. Essentially each letter is made and individually mounted giving your logo the appearance that it is floating off of the wall, and adding a 3D element. This allows your wall to be the sign backdrop and makes for a very customized look. Even with the sign being many pieces, it is still easy to install and dismantle.

Easter Special Offer Get 20% OFF on Church Banners

On Easter Sunday, Christians enjoy the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

It is usually the well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches. Christians consider, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life, or was raised from the dead, three days after his death on the cross.  Easter convoys are held in some nations such as the Philippines and Spain. Many Christians view Easter as the greatest feast of the Church year. It is a day of joy and celebration to memorialize that Jesus Christ is mount, according to Christian belief.

As part of the Easter season, the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is celebrate on Good Friday, always the Friday just previous to Easter.

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Market Your Business with Magnetic Vehicle Signs

There’s no question that advertising can be expensive, as everything from billboards to local radio spots costs a pretty penny. However, one cost effective way to advertise your business is by utilizing magnetic vehicle signs.

Magnetic vehicle signs are the perfect way to create a buzz about your business. As you currently drive by thousands of people a day, your car is the perfect place to create an engaging mobile billboard, which costs far less than more traditional advertising channels.

If you have been wondering if a magnetic vehicle sign is right for you and your company keep these key benefits in mind when making your decision.

Vehicle magnetic signs

Cost Effective

As mentioned before, the costs associated with a magnetic vehicle sign is pennies on the dollar compared to traditional advertising. With most print, TV and Radio, and traditional billboards costing upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, using a magnetic sign for your vehicle costs a fraction of what more traditional forms of advertising costs.

Wide Reaching

Billboards are stationary, and print ads get thrown out, while magnetic vehicle signs are always visible as long as you’re on the road. Generally a small business owner’s life is filled with business, family, and personal activities and every time your vehicle is on the road you are doing a great service for your brands recognition.

An Air of Professionalism

A magnetic vehicle sign can instantly turn your personal car into a company car. This can be hugely beneficial, especially if you have a business that requires you to be mobile. Customers often feel more comfortable doing business with small companies that present themselves in a professional manner.

It’s Removable

The best part about magnetic vehicle signs is that you can remove them whenever you want. Unlike full car wraps and other forms of advertisements, magnetic signs for vehicles allow you to be in control of when and where you advertise. Most small business owners use their cars for a variety of different purposes, and magnetic vehicle signs are versatile and easy to remove and put back on, giving you the freedom you need.

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