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Review ~ Personalize Banner from BannerBuzz

*Disclosure: I received the following product(s) in exchange for an honest review and in no way was I asked to give a positive review. I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

BannerBuzz offers high quality Banners and Signs Printing products and services on the web across USA.
Our services:
Full Color Banners
Each banner is printed with 1000 dpi imaging. Your banner will attract attention from miles away, from outside during sporting events to inside at a trade show.
Custom Vinyl Banners
Businesses need a banner that is built to last. Vinyl maintains its quality for at least six to seven years, which is great for long-term advertising.
Outdoor Vinyl Banners
Is your business changing management or location? Hang an outdoor vinyl banner to share the message faster than word of mouth!
Party Vinyl Banners
Help guests, friends and family find where the party is happening through this custom banner!
Birthday Banners
Instead of buying a new sign every year, get custom banners online that expresses your child’s personality.
Mesh Banners
Primarily used for outdoor promotions because the loosely woven vinyl allows the wind to flow through the custom banner. Mesh banners still have the durability of vinyl banners without the extra weight.
$0.99/SF for all banners over 200 sq.ft.
Free standard shipping for orders over $99.
Free Professional Design
100% Quality Guarantee
On top of that, we will match any competitor’s price by 10 percent And more…


My neighbor and I have been worrying over what would happen if an adult or child came up to the fence while the dogs were out and we were not sitting out there at that moment. So I decided to use my review of BannerBuzz to at least remedy some of the anxiety we were feeling and created a “Beware of Dog(s)” 3′ x 2′ banner to hang on the fence (yes I know I have to straighten the sign up lol)

The designing of the banner was really simple and easy to do with their online design tools. I added the wording and graphics where I wanted them to be placed, chose my color for the background and I was done. To my surprise it came with grommets already securely added!

It took about a week to receive my banner, it was packaged securely and arrived UPS undamaged.

Now we’re not as nervous if we are not right there with “Chuck” the Red Dobi and “Rocky” the little white guy all the time.  Needless to say I was totally and thoroughly satisfied with my experience on their website and the completed product came out exactly as I wanted it to.

Learn more about BannerBuzz on their Website

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Car Magnet Reveiw From Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

So about a month ago I did a review for an Origami Owl sign I had made and I was so pleased with how my sign came out. You can read that here. I decided this time to order some car magnets to help bring home some new customers. If you work out of your home, a car magnet is a really great way to advertise in the cheapest possible way. Compared to the advertising dollars you would spend putting an ad in the paper or on the radio for your business, a car magnet, advertising your business probably has to be the cheapest investment you can ever make, because its lasting. It will not expire in a few months. You will have that piece of advertisement for as long as the magnet will hold up.  So I ordered myself some car magnets for my Origami Owl business and this is how it turned out:

Photo Sep 03, 6 48 42 PM
Now when you get the magnets they are in a rolled up tube, so you have to spend a few days flattening it out with books. You can see the right side still has a little curl to it, but it can be easily taken off and re-flattened.

Photo Sep 03, 6 49 18 PM

I think the sign turned out great, my only disappointment is the size, and that is totally my bad because I didn’t specify how large I wanted it. I got two magnets, one for each side so customers can see it, scan the bar code with their phones and it takes them right to my website.  I highly recommend car magnets to advertise your business and bannerbuzz.com does a great job making these.

Source By : http://mommyonlyhas2hands.org/2014/09/check-out-my-banner-buz-car-magnet/

All you need to know about window decals


Window decals can prove to be an effective way to grab a customer’s attention. A quick glimpse while driving or steering across the pathway leaves behind lasting impressions of one’s brand. They provide a flexible way to market and help maximizing your advertisement at an efficient price. They many a times are being used on car windows similar to a film while one can market their brand on the go (Do make sure you double check your state laws before you put one sign on). At times this solves the purpose of privacy as people on one side refrain from keeping an eye on the other side and increase their brand value simultaneously. Keep in mind the following thumb rules while designing your own:

  1. Less creates curiosity: Keep it simple and elegant. Less words sometimes instigates the mind to go fetch for more information. Avoid being wordy.
  2. Appropriate font size: Based on where you want to keep your window decal, decide a decent font size. Say, you want to keep your sign in a window along the pathway; here the font size shouldn’t be huge since that will distract a viewer. But the font size shouldn’t be as small either that you cant communicate your point across the table.
  3. Images speak louder than words: Science proves that while on the go, you have no more than 5 seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention before they are distracted by something else. So making sure one can make a huge impact on the customers mind in the given time frame becomes significant. Choose suitable images whereby it creates either a good metaphor or even a good synonym to what you want to communicate because 5 seconds is too less of a time to read a wordy sign and who knows you may even lose a potential customer.
  4. Price temptation: Advertise for specials and offers that tempt the customer to look out for your brand.



There are varieties of window decals available based on your application and need or they can be custom made to fit in the requirement.

  1. Perforated: These sophisticated signs appear black from inside, but allow visibility outside. With specially designed micro punctures on over 30% of the film and 70% to display, your decals achieve a unique one-way appearance that really makes an impact. Since these signs use glue to cling to the window, the intensity of the glue may reduce after a few initial usages.
  2. Clear: With custom clear window decals you can still have the light in yet add that beautiful graphic to any window without blocking the view. Printed on clear, semi-permanent vinyl, our clear window decals are great for retail or office applications. Display store hours or advertise promotions without obstructing light or visibility. They can be used for indoor or outdoor application for home or commercial purposes. One can also choose to have an inside/outside application of clear window sign where the sign can be installed from inside/outside from the window and the graphics are visible outside for the advertising. Similar to perforated signs, they use glue to adhere to the window hence glue may weaken after a few uses. They are very popular in putting up signs for company logos, store hours and so on. The color vibrancy is less as compared to opaque material.
  3. Opaque/White vinyl: With the semi-permanent opaque window decals, you can add custom graphics that will last indoor and out, yet are easily removed when you are ready for change. Decals are printed on durable, white adhesive vinyl that will give a very professional look to any retail or office window for either advertising or room décor. They can even be given a die cut for a more personalized design. They are built to last long. But at times with a lot of constant sun exposure the color might fade after a couple years or the glue may start coming out from the sides.
  4. Static cling: These could be used for both indoor as well as outdoors application and based on the customer request opaque or clear. The biggest advantage being reusability up to 10-15 times. They create a firm grip onto the glass using static pressure only and do not use any adhesives hence it leaves no marks when one removes it. They can prove to be ideal for short-term promotions. The static inside opaque material has limitation and can be printed to max 2 x 3ft.
  5. Frosted: Unlike the rest of the one-sided signs these can be applied on both sides, which increases privacy. As the name suggests the sign comes with a frosted or translucent back and the text or graphic to be printed would be clear giving it a very professional look or vice versa where back is clear and text or graphic is frosted. They are digitally printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi resolution in full color. For sign with more than 5 feet height and width, they get divided to 2 parts for easy installation.

General steps to keep in mind while installing and taking care of your window signs:

  • Make sure the window is spotlessly clean before you start installing your sign.
  • Place the decals on the window and mark the corners using a washable or non-permanent marker to make sure the spot is rightly put.
  • Remove the backing whereby you will now have a glued side, realign to your marks and gradually press decals onto the glass.
  • Start from the two diagonally opposite corners or in the middle whichever you may prefer.
  • For smaller decals, simply peel off the backing and lightly press the decals onto the window. For larger decals, coat the adhesive side with slightly soapy water (no more than 3 drops of soap). Do not use soapy water to install perforated window decal.
  • Work your way out with a rubber-tipped mop to make sure there are no air bubbles on the sign and that also removes excess soapy water if used. The adhesive will work once the surface becomes dry.
  • If possible, hand wash your decals with damp clothe, avoiding pressure washers that can cause peeling.
  • For clear signs, the white color on the artwork appears clear on the final product.
  • When the magnetic or static cling sign is not in use, roll it back the same way in which it arrived to preserve its properties.
  • To remove, gently peel from the top down, and then remove any leftover adhesive with soapy water or adhesive remover and a razor blade.

Vinyl Lettering Product Review by Confessionsofasmalltowngirl.com

Because Someone We Love Is In Heaven, There’s A Little Bit Of Heaven In Our Home ♥

I’m in love with this quote that I now have in our living room above our dormer windows, I have wanted to get some new wall art for a while now.

Because we rent, redecorating is out of the equation, and I find vinyl lettering is the perfect alternative to decorate your home without picking up a paintbrush – best part it takes roughly about five minutes to put up too and can really liven up a bare wall.
This particular vinyl wall art are was kindly gifted to me by *Banner Buzz - they specialize in banners and signs made to the highest quality – for your home or business – they also offer the lowest prices with designs starting from only £6.99.
They offer an online service where you can upload the images or writing you would like to be made into a banner or a sign or you can let them do all the work and design it for you.
Letting them design it for me was the option I picked and they did a fantastic job, I simply found an image online and told them exactly what I wanted, I was really pleased when it arrived and I found out they had replicated the exact design I had sent them, which was only a small image - I didn’t think they would be able to match it.
My banner arrived quickly and safely packaged in a tube rolled up.
Putting it up on my wall was really easy, I took the backing off the sticky sheet the banner was attached too and using a debit card, I placed the sticky side onto the wall and scratched at the vinyl lettering so it transferred from the sticky sheet to the wall, it was really simple to do and the finished design looked so pretty.
Me and daz have a few loved one’s in heaven including my mum, so this quote is very close to our hearts.
You can visit Banner Buzz - link – and make your own vinyl lettering to place on you wall at home, you can be as creative as you like, the options are endless.

Are you a fan of wall vinyl’s??

Source By: http://www.confessionsofasmalltowngirl.com/2014/08/because-someone-we-love-is-in-heaven.html

BannerBuzz Review By Cake Mom

BannerBuzz offers high quality banner and sign printing products and services on the web across USA. They offer a selection of template and custom banners that can suit just about all of your personal or business needs. If you are looking for outdoor banners, they do have a selection that can withstand inclement weather and wind. They believe in their products and guarantee that your order will arrive in pristine condition. On top of that, they will match any competitor’s price by 10%! ‘
I was happy to have the opportunity to review a banner. Since my daughter’s birthday is next month, I thought this would be a great opportunity to create a banner to match her puppy theme. The banner arrived in 1 week and it looked fantastic. As you can see from the picture, she is thrilled! The final product was flawless. It was lightweight which I appreciated because securing really thick and heavy products for a one day event can be challenging. She has been pretty rough with it since it arrived – taking it out to show her friends and then shoving it back on a shelf without rolling it up so it has shown some signs of wrinkling. However, I was able to return it to good condition after properly rolling it up. The best part of BannerBuzz is the price. This company has been great to work with and I am extremely happy with the banner. I would certainly work with them again!
BannerBuzz Review
Buy it here: You can create your own customized banners on the BannerBuzz.com website.
*I was provided with the above mentioned product for the purpose of facilitating this review. All opinions expressed are my own.
Source By : http://jamielz.blogspot.com/2014/08/bannerbuzz-review.html

Do Aesthetics Really Matter?

Of course! In a world full of look and feel, we do think of a numerous ways to market our signs and get them noticed. But have we ever thought of the aesthetics on the banner? Have you ever thought of why apple products stand out loud from the rest of the market? Placing the right kind of words and using the correct effects will definitely help emphasize on the necessary words with effective communicating your message across. Something to keep in mind while designing your banners is its application, whether indoor or outdoor. That is, whether the sign needs to be readable from a far off distance or a closer proximity. Your design factors would change based on their readability factor.

Let me give you the seven thumb rules to improve on your banner design and give it a fine aesthetic touch and get noticed amongst your customers:

  • Font size and line height: Often neglected, font selection is one of the most important factors while designing your banner. So is the line height. Both are directly proportional in nature. Once increases the other must increase to maintain geometric proportion.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.00.10 PMReadability being one of the key focus point of font size, here is the chart that displays the average time it takes for a person in motion to read your banner and the distance to font size chart:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.00.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.00.49 PM

  • Font color and background contrast: The color contrast again plays a key role in the visibility of the font. Pay close attention to the backdrop and its color; choose the color of the font wisely with its respect. Some of the widely used contrast colors are as follows though the most elegant being black in white:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.00.57 PM

  • Space between characters: The letters should never appear cramped or that impairs the readability and reduces the effectiveness. Also known as kerning less commonly as mortising.
    Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 7.23.28 PM
  • Empty space in your banner: It is definitely ok to leave blank spaces in your banner and let it breathe. Design your banner in a way where you can see the backdrop and the empty space. This increases the contrast with font and enhances readability. You can use the 60/40 rule for the empty space where use the banner space up to 60% and leave the rest 40% across the banner vacant.
  • Use of Bold character effect: The effects should always be used very wisely to make sure you don’t weigh on the wrong word or all the words. Bold is used to emphasize on particular words and creating contrast from the skim texts. Key is to never overuse this effect.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 7.04.01 PM

  • Use of Italics effect: Titles, names, reproduced sounds or foreign words can be italicized but one should refrain from overusing the effect.
  • Use of Underline effect: Clarifying an unfamiliar word, reference letters, numerals in the text and names, underlining is definitely an effect that draws attention. Keep in mind while using any of these effects that never ever to use all the 3 together or even any 2 in this matter.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.01.06 PM

By tactfully designing a banner keeping all these points into consideration, one can effectively communicate a point across the table. After all perceptibility with prominence is your end goal!

Happy designing :)

Floor Signs – To Step Or Not?

Businesses these days have become so competitive that marketing them to the right audience and catering their needs becomes essential. Just as they rightly say ‘Rome was not built in a day’, building your brand name takes a long time. Sometimes all it takes is your creativity to grab that attention from your customers. Floor signs could be one option not many people consider but can be a good move towards spreading your brand name.

Happy Customer Loves Everything About BannerBuzz

The best prices, helpful customer service, easy-to-use design tool, high quality, fast shipping. Hear for yourself why this customer says BannerBuzz gives you the best value for your money.

User-Friendly Website

This customer appreciates our well-organized, easy-to-use website. The fact that BannerBuzz is a Google-trusted partner also gives him confidence.

Banners Help Make Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party a Huge Hit

Find out how this customer made her daughter’s sixteenth birthday party a memory she will always treasure. The BannerBuzz backdrop turned it into a red carpet event. “The colors were awesome … the price was phenomenal!”

Choosing the Right Banner for Your Advertisement

Have you ever had a time deciding what to buy … whether you are shopping for groceries or apparel? Knowing what you need is the key. With the huge variety of banners available in the market, figuring out which one best suits your application and priority is often a tough call to make. Let’s define a few options that are available and then compare them.

  • Define/Identify Your Application: Do you need your banner for a trade show or an emerging business, a cool college project or an announcement for a church? The application could be outdoor or indoor. Will a single-sided banner suffice or could you get twice as much exposure from a double-sided banner?Choices for material  includeVinyl, Mesh, Backlit, Canvas, Fabric and more. Most of them come with grommets. Hem and hardware can be eventually added, given the need. The type of stand is also an important consideration. Options include the X banner stand, adjustable, retractable, roll-up, and more.
  • Decide on the Specs: The normal range for vinyl banner weights runs from 9 to 15oz.The 9-oz. weight is used in indoor and/or short term applications, while 15-oz. weight is designed for outdoor use, because it will last longer.Mesh banners have holes in them for the air to pass through. Most mesh banners have holes in the ratio of 60/40 or 70/30. The first number is the percentage of banner real estate available for printing, while the second number is the amount of space taken up by the holes. The 70/30 ratio is better if you want to preserve the detail of your banner. The 60/40 ratio is a good choice if the banner will be hung in a windy location or if you prefer more of a see-through look.
  • More Options to Consider:Now that you know about the physical properties,you can choose options to maximize the benefit from your buy. A mesh banner is used in windy weather conditions, whereas a backlit banner, as the name suggests, can maximize your advertisement at nighttime, being a white-back banner. Though most vinyl banners are weather-resistant, you can also opt for lamination if you need longer duration. Canvas or fabric banners or table throws are good examples of indoor types.

How Attractive Is Your Banner?

Amidst a variety of competition surrounding you, a banner that grabs the most attention is the one that wins an eye candy. Designing a banner that enhances the chances of seeking attention from more viewers can be thought provoking. Lets pinpoint inside the human brain; a place where the fundamentals of attraction first begin.

Magnetic Signs for Vehicles: Best Practices for Outdoors Advertising

Being a small, medium or large-scale company, competition could be quite suffocating whether it comes from customers or clients. If you are an already established brand in the market or have a huge marketing budget where pay per click or big media campaigns are a part of your process, efforts become tolerant. But for a frugal pocket, challenges could peak the scale. Especially for emerging, mobile or consulting industries creativity helps spreading out the word faster.