Heading To A Trade Show? Make Sure You Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd!

Heading To A Trade Show? Make Sure You Don’t  Get Lost In The Crowd!

Trade shows provide a useful platform for your business to showcase the brand and products and to get in front of prospective customers. But since the convention hall is always overflowing with competitors, it is easy for your business to get overlooked.

Moreover exhibiting at a trade show is an expensive affair. Therefore, to get maximum ROI from the time and money spent on organising and setting up a booth at a trade show, don’t leave it to chance to stand out in the crowd. Make sure you do!

Team BannerBuzz has a few tips up its sleeves; check them out:

A Great display -- Hands down the most important!

If you want your business to grab more attention, work on your exhibition display with diligence. Make sure your booth is designed so well that it stops the attendees dead in their tracks. A pop-up display and similar tactics won’t do the trick as it’s pretty standard and often common.

Instead, opt for the following:

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Such custom banners are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. They don’t require any pins, tapes or strings for setting up.

If your messaging is limited, then a retractable banner stand is ideal as it allows only one to be displayed. They are available in multiple sizes like 3 x 6 feet, 2 x 5 feet, 2.5 x 6 feet, and 4 x 8 feet on BannerBuzz.

Canopy tents

Canopy Tents

Want a cozy, homely booth at the trade show? Set up a canopy tent. Here, you have the choice to place the logo on the front or all the sides of the tent. Canopy tents occupy more space; therefore make
sure you are allocated enough space at the convention hall.

Table covers or throws

Table Covers or Throws

Table covers are an excellent way to reinforce your business’ brand at the events. The placement of the logo and copy matters here and should ideally be minimal so keep that in mind.

The custom trade show table covers at BannerBuzz are digitally printed at 1000 dpi.

Sky tube hanging banners

Sky Tube Hanging Banners

If you want to make a splash at the trade show, then look no further than these hanging skytube banners. They can be suspended on the ceiling of the convention hall – just right above your booth.

These are 10 feet long at the top and 8 feet around the base. Maximize the effect of your brand message by ensuring your logo and messaging can be seen from all angles.

Leverage the “As Seen On” factor

If your business has done a fair bit of PR activity and has been featured on various publications and online news forums, flaunt that. Install a banner stand, showcasing those names, right in front of the trade show attendees. That will create a buzz about your business, and interested prospects will flock to your booth to know more about the company.

Give quirky freebies

Trade shows and giveaways go hand-in-hand. If a business is exhibiting at one, it’s a given that attendees grab stuff like tote bags, notepads, corporate pens and mugs from the booths they visit.

However, such freebies are run of the mill options and don’t always entice or catch a visitor’s attention. To make a more significant impact, why don’t you give away something quirkier like laptop
skins, headphones, socks or even Rubik’s cubes?

That will increase the chances of visitors spending more time on your booth to talk ‘business’ with you.

Install unique lighting

Today, businesses don’t just stick to having a flat screen TV at their booths to capture the attention of the attendees. They now resort to various lighting techniques like leveraging shadow and light to create a vibrant ambiance.

Alternatively, sophisticated lighting is useful for highlighting your products or the entire booth itself attractively.

Dress like a team

One of the best ways to boost brand recognition is to ensure your team members that are attending the event are dressed in a uniform. That way it will be easier for the attendees to recognize your business.

If uniforms are not your cup of tea, make at least one piece of clothing such as ties or scarves with your corporate design and logo mandatory for them. It’s not just your booth that must make a substantial impact; your team should look equally important.

Exhibiting at trade shows are fun and if you plan well in advance, can be very profitable for your business. Now that the trade show season is around the corner, it might be a good idea to revisit your old banners and signages and decide which ones need to refresh.

Over to you!

BannerBuzz has everything you need to make your brand visible!
You can check us out here www.bannerbuzz.com or give us a call on 800-580-4489.

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