This New Year, leverage the Power of Banner Advertising

Long before, ‘web banners’ became a popular form of marketing, the word “banner” had a different meaning altogether. It meant a long strip of a fabric bearing a quote and design, hung in a public place, to market or demonstrate something.

For years, businesses have opted for banners as an effective manner of visual marketing and their popularity has remained steadfastly strong. From announcing a new range of products or services to running limited period offers, banners instantly grab attention of onlookers and significantly help with brand building efforts and brand recall.

If you are planning to rejig your marketing strategy in 2019 but are yet to leverage the power of banner advertising to boost brand visibility & pushup sales, you are really missing out!

Here are top five benefits you should know about:

Banners are a fool-proof way to ensure great visibility for your business and are the easiest way to make your presence known.

Research shows that some specific fonts are more effective at brand recall. Fonts like Gotham, Myriad Pro and Helvetica Neue LT Std on banners can be much more effective to attracting customers’ attention and to convey a clear and legible message to the target audience?

Even if they don’t act on the offer or the product on display, crisp messaging will ensure brand recall making it much more likely for them to buy from you when the time is right.

Stronger connect with customers

Banners offer a blank canvas and gives you the freedom to portray your product in a way that best connects with your customers. The messaging can be endlessly customized according to seasons, time of year, sales and offers running, holiday themes to make sure you always resonate and connect with your audience. Don’t forget that crisp messaging + stunning design results in maximum impact! You can leverage colours, design, & content to create distinctive and unique brand communication to amplify your brand presence.

Adding to point #2, banners help in advertising a product or service for a an extended period and on a massive scale. Among several other features, banners allows you the freedom to frequently change the location, refresh the visuals and update messaging. Positioning them at a vantage point of your choosing makes it easy for you to control who sees your message. When your target audience comes across your brand name and logo frequently, over time a prominent brand association and recall will build up.

A well designed and impactful banner grabs attention and evokes curiosity! Often this gets people talking and before you know it, people are discussing your brand among themselves. Even if they don’t buy from you immediately, thanks to word-of-mouth marketing, you are likely to reach your target customers sooner.

Banners are a cost effective & powerful way to advertise practically anywhere with little to no effort as compared to other forms of advertising like newspaper adverts, TV commercials, and press releases. In addition to being able to place it strategically, a brand can easily refresh its visuals multiple times over the year without too much planning or requiring a big investment.

Over to you

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