How Does a Retractable Banner Work?

Before understanding a retractable banner, it’s crucial to understand what a banner is? A banner is an advertising tool that is used to brand/promote/market a business message, logo or more. Often used as an outdoor advertising tool, a printed banner is used by businesses in trade shows, events, billboards, etc. Printed banners come in various forms- fabric banners, vinyl banners, flex banners, PVC banners, etc. Also, they differ depending upon how they are installed and presented. Many businesses choose to advertise their banner on billboards. Some use banner stands to advertise their printed banners. Whereas, others might choose other display modes to advertise their banner ads.


A retractable banner stand is one of the most commonly used banner display stands. The word ‘retract’ in ‘retractable banner’ refers to the retracting mechanism that is used in this banner stand. It works by retracting the banner graphic into a base, also referred to as housing. This is done with a mechanical spring (tensioner) that pulls the graphic around a roller before storing it in the base. The tension increases as the banner is stretched upwards and it reaches to the maximum point when the banner is completely open. The exact reverse process happens when the banner fabric is retracted back into its housing, which means that the graphic uses the least amount of tension when it is in the down position.

NOTE: If a retractable banner is displayed for a longer period, it might result in weakened springs that are responsible for creating the tension.

It is why a retractable banner stand should not be used as a permanent display. It is better to use a retractable banner stand at events/trade fairs, where it is used as a display sign for a particular period and then stored back nicely.

Which Banner Material Works Best For a Retractable Banner Stand?

Different banner graphics come loaded with different benefits. However, when we talk about retractable banners- PVC banner material is the best material to pick. Retracting can cause the banner graphic to fray along the edges. So, it is advisable to use a material that is curl-free, smooth, and durable. PVC is a very durable, flexible, and tear-resistant material. Hence, making it a perfect choice for any retractable display stand.

Also, when going for such a banner stand, do consider choosing telescopic poles and clamp bars. The telescopic poles offer adjustable tension, which in turn allows the banner graphic to be set at different heights if required.

Understanding your signs and banners makes all the difference. It is why you must completely understand every trade show banner stand or advertising sign before making a purchase.

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