How to Make Personalised Banners Work for You

Personalised banners are PVC banners, or more commonly known as vinyl banners, that are personalised size-wise and content-wise to suit personal requirements. Personalised pvc banners are used not just at trade shows, conventions, exhibitions and conferences, but also inside the store or actual business place or just outside the business place for a number of suitable reasons.

Here is our Banner Tool snap where you can design your own banner or edit our templates.

But how effective are these personalised pvc banners? Though not as expensive as other publicity media, do they really work? Well they do, and in most cases, much more effectively than their expensive counterparts – but subject to a few basic things that should be followed while using personalised banners. The following basics should be sincerely kept in mind when getting banners for your business:

See here the sample banner of one of our customer.

  1. Do you really need a Banner? Assess your business requirement. If you want to reach or publicise to mass media, then banners is definitely not the right choice. However, if you have a booth at a trade fair or convention or exhibition, then banners are a must. Not just to hang them up but also as table tops. Banners stands are also a great choice for trade fairs.
  2. Pick the right size of Banner. If you are planning to put the banners on walls then picking the correct size is very crucial. Select the size which is not more than required, but big enough to catch the attention from a distance. Same goes for picking the size for banner stands.
  3. Select the locations in advance to put the banners. This will give you a better idea for the banner size and also you will know exactly how many banners do you require. Once you get the banners of any particular random size, you cannot create space for it. You will have to squeeze in the banners in the existing space which would not be a good idea.
  4. Be wise content-wise. The content of your banner will make-or-mar your pvc banner. Use the layout wisely to place your company name and logo and other information required on the banner. It is advisable to get professional commercial designers to design the personalised banner. The experience of designers in logo and content placements as well as the colours to be used will ensure maximum looks to the banner making it an efficient one. However, a badly designed banner may be passed off despite being put up at obvious locations. A professional designer will also take care that it is designed in such a way that the quality of the print is also maintained through proper resolution of logo, images if used and other content.
  5. Choose the right printer. There are a number of printers available online to choose from to print the banner for you.  Mostly the online companies will take care of designing the banner as well. But it is important to go for a printing company with experience behind it. Also, it pays to compare the prices at which these portals offer to print and deliver the banner. The turnaround time should also be considered if you have not planned the banners well in advance. However, most of the online banner printing portals offer a 48 hour turnaround time.

Following the above mentioned guidelines will ensure that your personalised banner really does the work for you.

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