Vinyl Banners: The ‘I-Have-Multiple-Benefits’ Banner

Vinyl banners are the most common and the most popular of all banners. Vinyl Banners are named so… because they are printed on Vinyl material. Though, it is worth giving a thought to the popularity of these banners.

The following justify the same:

  1. Material: Vinyl banners are printed on 13 oz thick vinyl material. Vinyl material in itself is a very well accepted material used for many purposes. By the virtue of the material it leads to a number of other benefits to the banner.
  2. All weather-proof: There are two aspects to a vinyl banner being all weather-proof. One is the vinyl and second is the high technology printing done on it. Vinyl is a sturdy material and is water proof and sun proof. So it can be used outdoors as well as indoors in any kind of weather condition. Also, the special UV resistant printing done on vinyl banners maintains the print quality in the sense, it does not fade away by the harsh sunlight. This make vinyl banners a great option, especially for outdoor advertising.
  3. Hemming on all four sides: Some of the companies, like BannerBuzz, deliver the final banner, hemming it on all four sides. This makes the banner stronger and it does not start tearing from the sides when used in windy conditions.
  4. Vinyl banners with grommets: Not just the hemming, but good quality banners come with grommets (metal ‘donuts’) that are placed at standard distances for convenient hanging as well as preventing the beginning of tearing from these most common places.
  5. Full color printing: Most of the online portals that take orders for vinyl banners, give high quality and full color printing. This means there is no restriction in using colors while designing the banner as most of these banners are now printed digitally that can print in full color.
  6. Customization: Banners can be customizes in terms of size as well as the content. Though there are standard sizes of Custom Banners available and also the printing company might suggest better sizes for your banner, you can still get a banner of custom size ranging from a few feet to full size banners put up on high rises. Also, you are free to Custom Your Banner content. If you are clueless, you could start with the template designs available as the online collection of printing portals and progress towards designing your own professional banner. Few of the top banner printing companies have their own online banner designing tool, which makes it very easy for the customer to design. However, there are professional designers with these companies who could help you with designing a professional vinyl banner.
  7. Fast turnaround time: If you go for a professional banner printing company for your vinyl banners then you may get the delivery of your banner within 48 hours. That’s how fast these firms have their turnaround times.

Knowing all these, it becomes cost effective to get a vinyl banner for advertising or publicizing as vinyl banners can last for up to seven years.

You can get your Vinyl Banner at BannerBuzz where your order shall be backed with a 100% quality and 100% price guarantee.

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