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Full Modular displays

( 5/5 )
SEG Portable Straight Line Queuing Panel
3 Ft x 6 Ft Starts at $336.83
( 5/5 )
SEG Portable S Shape Queuing Panel
12 Ft x 6 Ft Starts at $5776.95
( 5/5 )
SEG Isolation Cabins
18 Ft x 18 Ft x 6 Ft Starts at $4752.85
( 5/5 )
SEG Desktop Dividers - 2 Desk
3.5 Ft x 2 Ft Starts at $333.10
( 5/5 )
SEG Desktop Dividers - 4 Desk
3.5 Ft x 7 Ft x 2 Ft Starts at $949.35
( 5/5 )
SEG Desktop Dividers - 6 Desk
3.5 Ft x 11 Ft x 2 Ft Starts at $1266.50
( 5/5 )
SEG Office Desk Partitions - 2 Desk
3.5 Ft x 5 Ft Starts at $344.44
( 5/5 )
SEG Office Desk Partitions - 4 Desk
7 Ft x 7 Ft x 5 Ft Starts at $1359.00
( 5/5 )
SEG Office Desk Partitions - 6 Desk
7 Ft x 11 Ft x 5 Ft Starts at $1888.69
( 5/5 )
SEG Office Partitions
9 Ft x 9 Ft x 6 Ft Starts at $2137.01
( 4.7/5 )
10FT Tahoe Twistlock Displays
84.5 Inch x 84.5 Inch Starts at $1213.71
( 4.69/5 )
13FT Tahoe Twistlock Displays
125.25 Inch x 84.5 Inch Starts at $1696.73
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Market Your Brand’s Best Image With Full Modular Displays

For over two decades, we have been helping exhibitors and organizations put their best foot forward at events/trade shows with fantastic displays. Nothing can market your brand like a full modular display. Our modular banner displays can be customized based on your promotion needs. 

Get your hands on these innovative, portable, and full modular frames & graphics at the lowest online price.

  • 10FT Tahoe Twistlock Displays: This complete tool-free display stand is made of stretch fabric. It is designed to make your booth set-up much easier and 50% faster. This fully customizable event display is perfect for any exhibitor who is looking for a modular back wall display. 

  • Classic Tahoe 10ft A Displays: If you are a serious exhibitor looking for modern booth design, this one's for you, It is effortless to set-up, pre-designed, and professional.

  • Rack Tahoe Twistlock Displays:Made with stretch fabric canopy cover, this modular back wall display is completely toolless. The package includes a hard case including the inner pack material with the Tahoe logo.

  • Alpine Booth - Configuration A, B & F:This type of booth set up is a great display option for retail stores, restaurants, and art galleries. Enjoy a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a 1-year guarantee on graphics. It is also available in different versions including configuration B and F. Get additional accessories for all three types.

Each one of our creative and unique modular stands & displays offers you a great way to attract people at trade shows and events.

Our Full-modular Display Range Just Got Expanded!

We have just finished expanding our modular displays to include a few more in-demand display solutions. To meet the ever-changing business/workplace requirements and healthcare facility demands as a result of COVID-19, we have now introduced office partitions, desktop dividers, portable straight line queuing panels, and isolation cabins. All these displays can be customized on the basis of sizes. They offer you a quick solution to meet your changing workspace and healthcare facility needs. They are all pre-designed, ready-to-ship, versatile, and quickly installable. You can customize these products in terms of sizing, frames, & fabrics. To understand the complete product details, please click on a particular modular display and check out its ‘products specifications’ tab.

Our Quality/Price/Customization Trifecta

Each one of the stands and displays available here at BannerBuzz comes with features like professional design, our high-quality standards, and a low price guarantee. Also, with most of these stands and booth frames ready to be shipped, you’ll enjoy a quick turnaround time on your order.

Get your hands on one of these premium modular event displays and mobilize your advertising plan today.