Custom Graphic Roller Shades - Clear

Product Specification
  • Material: 48 PHR, 0.5 mm Thick, Ultra Clear PVC
  • Print Side: One side only
  • Print Type: UV Printing
  • Fabric Roll Direction: From back of the roll
  • Follow our Measuring Guide for perfect fit.

Buy Custom Graphic Roller Shades - Clear of Premium Quality and Durability

For those looking for a workable approach to both expose their brand and shield their store's merchandise from harmful UV rays, BannerBuzz's custom graphic roller shades - clear are perfect. These shades shield your flooring, furniture, and valuable possessions from obnoxious light by blocking the majority of the sun's harmful UV rays. They are an excellent choice for a simple, hassle-free privacy solution. For many years, your new window shades will look lovely and we assure it!

Ultra-clear 48 PHR, 0.5 mm thick PVC is used to make roller shades clear blinds. Being the centerpiece of the attraction and an impressive décor piece, it gives the room a fresh appearance. In addition to being strong, a well-designed blind can improve the aesthetics of your house and ensure that it remains elegant for years despite climate changes, temperature changes, and continuous use.

The clear graphic roller shades are created with both fashion and privacy in mind. It consists of strong lift mechanisms and unmatched flexibility. The shades can be lifted on both left and right sides with nylon beads, wherein the fabric can be rolled only from the back. For ease of use, we also offer cranks.

Mount Type

Inside Mount

Upon choosing an inside mount, the blinds fit inside the window frame. It gives the window a minimalist, clean and finished look. 

Outside Mount

An outside mount is when blinds are installed on the wall above the window or directly on the window trim. This mount style is ideal for windows where there’s not enough window depth to mount inside, or when you want more coverage to darken a room.

Lift Options

Spike Base

White Nylon Bead Chain

The white nylon bead chains feature beaded pulls that raise or lower the shade when pulled on the front or back. It can be mounted on the left or right side of the shade. Choose the shade side that is most convenient to pull.  

Square Base

White Crank

White crank features geared mechanism for easy operation. Simply, insert it into the roller blinds to lift or close. It can be completely removed when not in use which makes blinds look tidier and nicer.

Lift Side

Left side

If the placement of any object or furniture in a tight corner blocks the roller shade, the chain pull should be moved to the opposite side. Select the left-side option to control the lift on the left side of the shade. 

Right side

 If the placement of any object or furniture in a tight corner blocks the roller shade, the chain pull should be moved to the opposite side. Select the right-side option to control the lift on the right side of the shade.

Graphic Roller Shades Clear is Available in Different Styles

The fabric elegance does not lower a bit even after using them for years. Installing window shades is simple and convenient regardless of the shape of your window. The blinds can be installed both inside and outside. They should be adequately maintained in some ways, but no wonder they retain the charm always. We are sure that you’ll enjoy greater privacy and light control through our shades’ exclusive standard feature.

We use UV printing technique to print the graphics onto the roller shades clear blinds. These enhancements available with the ultraviolet printing inks include a faster drying time along with a wider color gamut. We offer only a single-sided printing option for the roller shades.

You have the option to upload your own artwork or use our online design tool to personalize your images. Any text, image, company logo, quotes, or patterns can be created and printed on the clear roller shades.

Measure Roller Shades Clear Blinds Accurately for the Correct Fit

Learn how to choose the appropriate blinds and take measurements for the ideal fit before you begin, though. Ordering blinds is quite easy, just measure your window sizes accurately, input the values in our drop-down menu, personalize the artwork and click the ‘checkout’ option. As soon as the order is received, our team will start processing your order and ship your item to your doorstep.

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