Alpine Booth - Configuration B

Alpine Booth - Configuration B

  • Personalized alpine booth in configuration B.
  • Hybrid corner exhibit available in multiple configurations.
  • Optional Big Sky Counter available.
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and 1-year guarantee on graphics.

Create an Oasis for Your Brand With Alpine Booth Configuration B

Take charge of your surroundings with Alpine Booth Configuration B. It helps you build your brand presence with a customizable display kit offering maximum exposure. Let your brand occupy a taller, larger, and more prominent spot with Alpine Booths.

The Alpine Booth Configuration B measures 10 ft x 10 ft and successfully captures the attention of onlookers, leaving your competition no chance to capitalize on opportunities. In addition to its large size, the vibrant and customizable graphics do an excellent job of retaining this attention in the longer run.

While its chic and elegant look is fine as it is, it is further customizable as users can change the configuration of the Booths with just a few changes. The same applies to the backdrop and other graphic elements that can be designed. As a result, it can keep changing with your changing business needs.

Whether you are setting up a store inside a mall or your company’s booth an outdoor tradeshow event, the Alpine Booth Configuration B demands respect and captures attention wherever you may install it. 

Unlock Personalization Capabilities with Custom Alpine Booths

Alpine Booths offer immense scope for personalization, right from the booth configuration to the graphics. Users can modify the layout of the setup by making minor adjustments to them depending on the space available. Furthermore, one can add extra elements such as doors, counters, etc., depending on their requirements.

The personalization extends to the graphics that pair with the frame. Even though it is optional, companies can design the message, branding, or backdrop that they desire, and it will be faithfully replicated in print against the satiny sheen. Most importantly, you can keep cycling these to update the Alpine Booth Configuration B.

Alpine Booth Configuration B, to Keep Your Items Safe

The tall corner room is one of the key characteristics of the Alpine Booth Configuration B. Its door comes with a secure lock to safeguard its contents. As such, you can use it to store inventory or your personal items and hide it from plain sight. And for when things get too high-paced, it can even double as a quick break room for those manning the booth.