Alpine Booth - Configuration F

Alpine Booth - Configuration F

  • Customizable Alpine Booth in Configuration F.
  • Alpine Booth occupies floor space of 20 ft x 10 ft.
  • Satin Fabric SEG material for graphics.
  • Optional Big Sky Counters.
  • Lifetime warranty on frame and a one-year guarantee on graphics.

Reclaim Your Brand’s Space With Custom Alpine Booth - Configuration F

Do you want your business to occupy an undeniable presence wherever it goes? Then the Alpine Booth Configuration F can help you achieve these goals. Covering a carpet area of 20 ft x 10 ft and loaded with captivating graphics, it is hard to miss the this Alpine Booth. As the saying goes, the more you get noticed, the better would be your chances of profiting.

It finds widespread use in different ways and different places. For example, you can use it as a photogenic backdrop or use it to promote an item at the grocery store. It offers immense versatility.

The multi-utilitarian use of the Booth is not just limited to the events or environments but also extends to customization capabilities. You can share your personal designs to get graphics printed on high-quality satin fabric and display your brand in your distinct way.

The Booth also allows for the front or backlighting of the graphics, which makes the display clearer and more attractive even in low-light conditions.

Single Alpine Booth to Cover Multiple Events

Are you wondering where you can use the Alpine Booth Configuration F? The answer is, where can you not use it? Glam up your presence at grand openings to photo operations to art galleries to trade show exhibits - the world is your playground.

We also offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year-long guarantee on the graphics, which is an indication of our trust in its rugged indoor or outdoor use. And in addition to serving you well in various locations, the graphics can be front-lit or backlit, which will also make it visible at night. So you can set it up virtually at any time, and anywhere you wish.

Alpine Booth Configuration F: The King of Portability

First and foremost, every element of the Alpine Booth Configuration F can be taken apart. Dismantling the Alpine Booths is as easy as assembling it. Once you have pulled it down, you can store the components in the three La Caja hard carry cases that come complimentary with the product. These carry cases can secure all the pieces and protect them from any damage during storage or transportation. All the while, the wheels add to the portability of the case and, by extension, the entire setup.