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8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners
  • 8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners
  • 8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners
  • 8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners
  • 8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners
  • 8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners

8x8 Step and Repeat Fabric Banners


Having a press release, announcement, fashion show, red carpet event or conference - use our step & repeat banners

  • Upload print ready file or logos and we will design it for free
  • Checkout our adjustable banner stand for your banner
  • Matte finish and high resolution printing for crisp look
  • Get the seamless product up to 10ft width or height

While the step and repeat banner first gained popularity during red carpet events, its versatility has led it to being used in high profile corporate events such as trades shows and conventions as well. Apart from that, the 8x8 Step and repeat banner is also the perfect option for other events such as press conferences or weddings. Thanks to Banner Buzz, using the step and repeat banner is no longer a luxury only reserved for Hollywood. At Banner Buzz, we offer our clients top quality banners with the option to customize the banners according to their specific requirements.

The Perfect Solution for Corporate Events

The 8x8 Step and Repeat banners that we have on offer are perfect for use during corporate events mainly because our clients get to choose from a huge range of colour options and sizes that’s available in our inventory. Getting the right banner for your business means that you can push your product or service with ease.

Sturdy and Durable Design

The specially designed banners we offer are build using the best quality and most cutting edge technology to ensure that our clients are always able to get the very best in banners. With Banner Buzz, you can experience quality, affordability and customization when it comes to custom made banners and other marketing products. We offer a quick solution for those who want to add a touch of glamour to their events and make a great first impression.

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