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Stay at Home Banners

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Stay at Home Order Online Vinyl Banners
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Stay at Home Stay Healthy Vinyl Banners
3' x 2' Starts at $6.99
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Stay Home Save Lives Vinyl Banners
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Stay Home For Us Stop the Spread Vinyl Banners
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Stay at Home Banners- An Impactful & Budgeted Way to Promote Stay at Home Message

Amidst COVID-19 crisis, the only solution to cut down the spread is by staying at home and away from others. And this message needs to be spread loud and clear repetitively. It is of huge importance to reinforce the idea of staying home at every public place, be it supermarkets, workplaces, hospitals, retail stores, businesses, and more. And for every business or retailer who is trying to find a relevant print solution for the same, our stay at home banners are ready-to-use, quick, affordable, and relevant solutions. Since we know that you might need a quick advertising tool to promote such messages during this time. It is why our expert design team has pre-designed these banners with relevant messaging and designs so that you have a pre-printed vinyl banner ready-to-ship as soon as you place your order with us. No delays in designing, proofreading, printing, material availability, etc. Every banner is pre-designed, pre-printed, and in-stock. 

Five Different Stay Home Banner Designs to Choose From!

To meet your individual advertising needs, we have designed and printed 5 different vinyl banners for you to choose from. Here’s a quick look at each of these banners:

  1. Shelter in Place- Stay at Home- Stop the Spread Vinyl Banners: A professionally designed high-quality banner that encourages others to seek shelter in their homes while ensuring that you are doing the same. Make it evident that your business or workplace is closed for now and let others know that you are at home and doing your bit to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  2. Stay at Home, Order Online Banner: If your business is offering online delivery and you want to spread the word whilst making sure that your customers stay at home. Then, this banner is just the right thing for you to promote online ordering. 
  3. Stay Home Stay Safe: The more everyone stays home, the bigger are the chances of staying safe. Like all our stay at home banners, this one also boasts this simple fact in an impactful way with the right messaging, clear fonts, and eye-catching dye-sub printing.
  4. I want you to stay home & stay healthy: You can’t reach out to everyone in person to ask them to stay home. But this banner can do that on your behalf. The messaging- ‘I want you to stay home & stay healthy’ will immediately prompt the reader to stay home. The pointing finger emphasizes that this message is specifically meant for the one reading it. 
  5. We’re here for you. Stay home. Help stop the spread banner: The messaging itself makes this banner perfect for facilities that are open and doing their best to offer services even in the mid of a crisis. It is a great way to remind the reader about doctors, caregivers, and workers in any other form who are putting them at risk to make sure everyone else stays safe. This banner not just prompts others to stay home to help stop the spread, it also recognizes the special efforts of all those people who are working amid the pandemic to offer safe services to others. 

Regardless of which stay at home banner you choose to order, it will come packed with the below features:

  • A huge choice of predefined sizes or custom sizes
  • Choice of single/double-sided printing
  • Can be upgraded to 16oz with UV print
  • Many hanging options (pole pockets, grommets, adhesive tabs) to choose from
  • High-quality, Full Color, 720DPI, Eco-Solvent Printing
  • Easy to set-up, maintain and takedown
  • Very durable, light-weight, and weather-resistant
  • Pre-designed, pre-printed, and ready-to-ship
  • Exclusive 15% off + free shipping

Explore our COVID-19 banners now and choose the one that best suits your needs. Place your order now and save an extra 15% off, plus free shipping. 

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