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Curbside Pick Up Only Vinyl Banners
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Curbside Pick Up Only Vinyl Banners
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Pre-designed Drive-Thru Banners for Business Advertisement

Grab Your Easy-to-use, Lightweight Curbside Banners

Grab the attention of your customers with good banners for informing, educating, and advertising your business. An effective marketing material plays a big role in your day-to-day business especially if your business offers contactless sales. Our lightweight and ready-to-use curbside, takeout, drive-thru, and delivery banners offer you a quick solution. We craft these banners from high-quality PVC flex materials, making them lightweight hence easy to lift, set up, or even transport to different business locations.

Advertise with Durable, UV-printed Drive-Thru Banners

Weather is no match for our high-quality vinyl flex materials. These banners are perfect for outdoor use as they resist brittling in extreme sunny or cold temperature conditions. While optional, lamination adds protection and boosts durability. These ready-made banners feature eye-catching messaging and graphic designs to save time and cost on personal design. Upgrade from eco-solvent printing to 16oz UV printing, which results in clear, vibrant messaging and graphics that catch the attention of your customers. Caring for them is as simple as using a soft, wet cloth to gently wipe them down. Shop our durable vinyl banners as they eliminate the need for constant replacement, making them a worthy investment.

Enjoy the Use of Customizable Takeout Banners

We offer various customization options to improve your banner's appearance and ease of installation. Choose two-sided printing for bi-directional viewing. You can also order it with or without grommets, or opt for pole pockets or adhesive tabs. Standard sizes range from 3 ft x 2 ft to 6 ft x 10 ft, or you can dictate special dimensions. These banners are easy to set up and remove, allowing for repositioning as well as better visibility. With an extensive area, we offer multiple choices of banners that will suit your every need from drive-thru, takeout, delivery to curbside banners.

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