You’ve got the touch: Manicures, Massage, and Hairstyling in a Post-Lockdown World

While a lot of non-essential businesses have been given the green light to open up, some may not feel comfortable reopening their doors. While meticulously going through your business and preparing/putting up everything needed to operate safely after being in a lockdown can be physically taxing, no one will know you’re open again until you have advertised and effectively enticed customers to get them to walk back into your store. To help, we have put together six tips on how you can manage the process of getting back to business post-lockdown.

Count your Losses

Think about your budget. There’s nothing you can do about the money lost during the lockdown. But there is a lot you can do for your business and community that doesn’t involve cutting corners or employees in the transition from inactive to active. Think about getting in on social causes, and donations of services to local causes whenever and wherever you can. This can be a highly effective advertising tool, but it also shows that you care about the world around you and where you live. Being a leader and voice in the community will not only invoke economic benefits but social ones as well.


Offering a deal and getting attention with inflatables and outdoor signage is a good way to let everyone know you’re open for business and start earning back some of that lost revenue – all without having to make cuts to your business model and staff. This way, you can focus on what your hands do best: help others unwind. After all, one of the main roles your business fulfills is that of an armchair therapist. You listen to what is stressing out your customers and offer a sympathetic ear, understanding that when they come to you they need that shoulder to lean on. 

Think Outside the Box

No one else is you! That’s the great thing about small businesses: they’re all unique and have their own edges and curves. If you are the only kind of niche store in your town, that can work even more to your advantage when others are looking for the kind of services you offer. Even if you’re not, increase your competitive edge by creating one-of-a-kind services that your customer won’t be able to get anywhere else. Perhaps partner with a neighboring business or businesses and create a total spa day with a makeover, hair styling, massage, manicure, and pedicure at a package price. If you don’t have any neighboring businesses that offer massages, a freelance masseuse with a massage chair set up in the lobby – or on the sidewalk out front – can be a great added service. Tarot card readings, palm readers – anything and everything should be considered. Whether your competition is near or far, by creating new products and services that are unlike any other the sky’s the limit!

Digital Media

Having a social media presence is imperative now more than ever. Your main profiles on social media are as important as always: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. But get creative with other apps like Nextdoor. Nextdoor is an app where people in the same neighborhood can connect with each other and ask questions about anything from recommendations to finding something new to do on the weekend. It’s also a great place to stay in contact with local laws and ordinances. More than likely, your city has laws and ordinances about reopening posted there. Think about putting your business page on the website, and reach out to others about when you’re reopening. It’s also another way to keep up with opinions and how you plan to keep yourself and others safe during the transition.

Evolving Your Knowledge

After you have the word out online, think about how you are going to get the attention of foot traffic as they walk by during the day. One way is to put feather flags outside, and reopening yard signs up around town with information on where your business is located. When that is posted, look at events to join around town and interact with locals about what you are offering as discounts and special offers. Also, put the word out there that you will be following CDC rules as needed and social distancing.

Stronger Together

We do better when we’re together whether that be online or in real life. We are more innovative, creative and our best selves when we can bounce off of each other with ideas and services that help modern society flow so well. Many people when you reopen will be excited that you are offering your services in a stable, healthy environment and will want to come back as soon as they can. Make sure to have their first experience back be a memorable and positive one.

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