How to Make the Most of International Yoga Day


While at this point we’re all familiar with the practice of Yoga, many have never taken the time to explore the depths of this ancient discipline. Life gets busy and they don’t take the time to visit a brick and mortar studio or attend an outdoor Yoga session event. This non-stop traffic of everyday life has led to the creation of a truly unique holiday: International Yoga Day. International Yoga Day seeks to celebrate and create peace and health according to the United Nations. Every year, it’s celebrated on the longest day of the year: June 21st. Here are a few ways to throw your own celebration at your studio.

A Banner EventThere’s no better way to celebrate this day of balance and serenity than by throwing an event. Letting the neighborhood know is crucial and you can do it with cost-effective outdoor banners. Make it even more enticing by offering special event discounts, maybe even special rates for families or parent-toddler sessions. Another way is to host a special event at your favorite serene outdoor space, celebrating what earth has provided to us as well as time finding your inner peace.

Open Your Mind

No matter how hard we try to avoid it, we carry stress in our bodies, which leads to cramping and other unpleasant aches and pains. Whether from work or school, mental pressure points can have a tremendous effect on our physical well being. Consider adding different elements to your event by adding parts for gratitude. Have everyone write down what they are grateful for, and what they want to achieve for the next few months. Studies say that you are more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down. 

Meditation Station

Be creative with getting the word out. Guide people to your studio with yard signs, or putting up posters on shared community boards or at other community businesses. Local apps like Next Door are also a great way to get the word out. These are all great methods whether guiding people to your studio or your extra special outdoor event. You don’t have to have someone standing around giving others directions, and you can reuse the signs for future events and even next year’s International Yoga Day.

Give Back Goodness

Giving back is another great way to find zen during the International Day of Yoga. When thinking of ways to host your event, think of charities to donate proceeds to. Whether to a larger organization such as the United Nations or Red Cross, or to local groups focused on the social issues, animal rescues, or environment groups who plant trees, for example. You will attract a bigger audience that will be more inclined to attend your charity effort, and it shows your passion for supporting your local community. 

Be Nifty

When it comes to craftiness, don’t limit yourself. Have a unique approach to your marketing. You already have banners, yard signs, and store signs, but what else can you do that will further your reach in the community about your day of Yoga? Flags are a fun way to make your store stand out amongst the rest and show enthusiasm for the special day. Best of all, you can get your logo and any other information you would like printed on them. Use your logo and store colors to become an identifiable brand in your neighborhood.

When the Day Arrives…

When June 21st arrives, you’ll be ready to take on the day with enthusiasm and optimism when your large audience arrives to center themselves and focus their minds. It’s not only the perfect opportunity to raise with your charity but your attendance rate as well. You may even gain a lot of new members for your studio! For everyone’s safety, please remember CDC guidelines and put forth your effort to keep everyone physically as well as mentally healthy.

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