Should Your Store Have an Easter Sale Midst COVID-19?

Usually, around this time of year, all the big box stores would have started their Easter sales, and most would have already stocked their shelves with Easter-themed decorations, candy, and cards. The Easter decorations would have taken over the red-and-green Christmas lights and the Valentine’s Day candies had all been cleared from the shelves. However, Easter 2020 would be a lot different due to coronavirus (COVID-19). Where March meant Easter eggs, baby chickens and bunny pictures, and of course, the Easter Bunny. This time it has all been about social distancing, safety measures, quarantine, masks, gloves and what not!

Amidst all this, what does Easter holiday mean for retail chains and small retail stores? Should stores have Easter sales? If yes, how? There are so many questions but only a little surety. However, we are here to help you with a few tips on how to tackle your business/store sales this time around. 

First things first, it is wise to take your Easter sale online this time. If you are still operating your offline store, you need ways to effectively communicate with your customers to let them know what measures you have been taking to keep your store working. It is of prime importance to communicate with your customers more often than ever before. But amidst social distancing, how do you do it? We’ll come back to that below. 

Why Should You Have an Online Easter Sale? 

So why do retail stores push Easter sales? Well, the short answer is for the same reason as any other holiday sale. Easter, like Christmas, Halloween and others are ideal times to clear old inventory to make way for new, and to drum up some publicity about the store, whether that’s on a large or small scale. 

If you own a small, local store, a holiday sale, whether that’s Easter or any other holiday, is a good time to reach your community. And community means customers! This can be an opportunity to send out an Easter-themed newsletter offering with either a storewide discount or a select sale offer. And yes, it is also a good time to take stock and clear your shelves of inventory to make way for new. 

Remember, Don’t Go Too Big This Time Around! 

Don’t feel pressured to have some big Easter blowout sale. While you might have done this in the past years. It doesn’t make sense for a retailer to have that kind of sale when there is so much uncertainty because of COVID-19. In fact, overextending yourself with a sale too big for your store could cause you to lose revenue, so start small. Have a sale on select items and only discount what makes sense for your supply and demand. 

Do Not Skimp On Easter Advertising 

An online Easter sale or any other store event that you’re planning to have does you no good if you don’t let people know about it! So don’t skimp on your marketing effort here. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, either. Here are some ways you can reach the most potential customers without spending much on advertising:

  • Social Media and E-Mail 

Post your sale on Instagram and Facebook! Social Media posts can be customized so that you reach a local audience, which is important if you’re a brick and mortar and not a chain. Your customers live nearby and maybe they are already looking for the products/services that you are offering. Especially, during this not so favorable time, there could be customers struggling to find resources for their Easter holiday. Hopefully, they’re following you online. Facebook also offers paid advertising at low prices and is worth exploring because you can tailor your ad to reach exactly who you want to reach. 

Use your weekly/monthly newsletters to keep your existing customers informed about your sale, special offers, and that you are still open & delivering. Inform them about the revised delivery/takeout/curbside services or if they can come by your store to fill up their Easter baskets with goodies during your Easter sale. Own a bar? Mix up an Easter drink, post it on social and send out an email letting everyone know. Share more things that the customers can be of help while everyone is practising social distancing. 

  • Signs, Posters, and Flyers – Oh My! 

Even in our digital world, old-fashioned signs matter. And they matter more than ever at this time during social distancing. They are a valuable marketing tool for several reasons, one being that not everyone is always connected to social media or wants to receive marketing emails. So your printed advertising is very essential. Even if digital were enough, it doesn’t cover what people see when they come to your location. Use flyers, posters, window signs, banners, yard signs, signicades, frames, etc. outside your store/windows. Place them wherever they can be seen. Leave them by the doors or on cars. Any kind of sale sign at your store would work wonders if you are trying to host an Easter sale amidst COVID-19.  

Now for the fun part – making them look amazing! BannerBuzz is your one-stop-shop for any type of indoor or outdoor COVID-19 safety sign or banner you need to boost your sales or communicate with others in general. We’re currently offering ‘Free Shipping’ too to make your shopping all the more cost-effective. So you can spend your marketing budget on better things, like Easter baskets and chocolate eggs! 

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