5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a COVID-19 Signage ASAP!

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is a global challenge that the world is in together. Amidst all the uncertainty and distress, many businesses are suffering. Many have already put their services to hold until life gets back to normal. However, there are a lot of businesses that have chosen to stay open but are struggling to operate. The biggest struggle that many of us are facing is effective communication. Midst zero face-to-face communication and social distancing, it is quite likely that your business too is struggling to communicate? If yes, you need COVID-19 signage, and you need it now to get your communication flowing.

When we say COVID-19 signage, we are referring to a variety of signs used to communicate all things related to Coronavirus. These custom signs and banners are a great approach for business-customer communication at this time when there is so much your customer would want to know about your services, products, take-out, curbside delivery options too much more. You can design and order a COVID-19 safety sign to communicate whatever is crucial for your customers to know. Update them with your changed business hours, revised service information, compliance policies, COVID-19 state advisory, precaution/awareness guidelines, to anything else that is of utmost importance to your business. Besides, use these signs, in general, to encourage, inform, and educate others regarding this disease and help stop its spread. Though these signs work best for business/workplace purposes, they are equally useful for personal use.

Of many ways, we’re listing a few to help you reckon the importance of a safety sign and banner to keep your customers safe and informed during this stressful time:

  • Highlight your working hours, shipping/delivery service status, curbside pickup details, and other essential information.

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  • Reinforce prevention & prep tips with your employees to minimize your exposure to risk.

Get Started > Safety perforated window signs | Precaution compliance signs

  • Do it for your community and others, in general, to show that you care.

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  • Keep them informed that your business/company is following the current city or state mandates.

Get Started > Advisory compliance signs | Precaution banners

  • Stay equipped to handle emergencies with ready-to-move-in shelter.

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Stay Safe. Stay Connected With Signs!

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