Four Creative Ways to Boost Your Easter Sale!

Easter is just around the corner, and businesses are already hopping on the Easter sale bandwagon. If you’re smart, you are too, because holidays are the perfect time to boost your business. But if you’re tired of trying the same old “spring clearance” event and want to try something a bit different this year, we put together these fun and fresh ideas for you to try this year. 

Here are four tried and tested creative ways to boost your Easter sale this spring, made just for brands that like to think outside the Easter basket. 

Have an In-Store Egg Hunt 

Before you roll your eyes and call it “corny” or “too much effort” just hear us out. First of all, people LOVE to find deals – literally. Hiding little coupons, coupon codes or store offers inside some plastic eggs and placing them around your store or business is a fun way to entice your customers to come inside the store and search for the eggs. It allows community participation, and best of all, it’s cheap and EASY. It’s as easy as buying plastic eggs and hiding them on your store shelves, or around your place for business. Simply write the discount offer on a piece of paper (maybe with a piece of wrapped Easter candy) and voila. Customers will love finding the eggs to get the discounts – just don’t make them too hard to find. 

Rent a Photo Booth 

People, especially parents with young children, love taking Easter photos. And people love photo booths. So why not combine the two and set up an Easter photo booth at your business? It’s a great way to bring in foot traffic, as long as the photo booth is free and easy to use. Check with the photo booth rental company to see if they can provide an Easter-themed background for the photos, and shop around. Some are expensive, but many are affordable and as long as you spread the word, a photo booth really does draw a crowd! 

Invite a Bunny Rescue Group to Your Business 

As a business, you have the opportunity to be a leader in your community. Instead of just following the marketing trends of Easter bunny plush toys and chocolate eggs, give back by providing a real service like educating the public about domestic rabbits and their care. Invite a rabbit rescue group to come to your store and set up a booth. Many rabbit rescues are more than willing during this time of year to provide free education about rabbits and their care, including where and how to adopt. Some may even bring some real bunnies to your store when possible (and when it’s safe for the animals).  Check out The Houe Rabbit Society ( for a bunny rescue near you! 

Hold a Contest on Social Media 

Entice your customers to come into your store (or click on your website) by holding a fun online contest to win a prize. The prize can be a discount, it can be free merchandise, or whatever you’d like it to be, but make sure the contest itself is fun and suits your brand. It might be a photo contest on Instagram or a funniest local video creator on Tik Tok. The point is to find your potential customers online and get them into your place of business where you want them to be. 

Whether you try one of these or all four, don’t forget to advertise. After all, if people don’t know about your sale or your Easter photo booth, they can’t participate. So make sure all of your advertising bases are covered, from online to IRL. BannerBuzz offers a wide array of high-quality signs, posters banners, and stickers that will help you spread the word this Easter – in style.

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