Make a Big Impression Anywhere with Flags!

Make a Big Impression Anywhere with Flags!


Flags are great attention-getters for sales, events, trade shows or any time you’re trying to draw your prospects’ eyes. You see flags every day as you drive, walk, or ride – they never fail to attract attention.


Flags offer one of the most versatile display options you can imagine.

Shapes and Sizes
Flags come in a variety of shapes and can go from very small to very large.

BannerBuzz has the following shapes available:

  • Feather Flags Feather Flags
  • Teardrop FlagsTeardrop Flags
  • Rectangle FlagsRectangle Flags
  • Blade FlagsBlade Flags
  • Pinpoint FlagsPinpoint Flags
  • Shark Fin FlagsShark Fin Flags
  • Triangle FlagsTriangle Flags

As for size, flags go from small desktop flags to a giant 4’X18’ flags. There’s a size for every need.


Because vinyl flags are so durable, you can place them nearly anywhere. They look great outdoors or indoors, so they’re perfect for anything from a retail product promotion to an indoor trade show booth.

Flags also come with a variety of mounts:

  • Spikes for outdoor use
  • X-stands with water weights for hard surfaces or indoor use
  • Desktop mounts
  • Suction cups
  • Clips

Not only can you place a flag nearly anywhere, they’ll stand up to all kinds of weather and wind.


Small teardrop, blade, and feather flags start under $35 for a custom flag. Flags bring in new customers season after season and year after year. Flags give you a great return on your investment!

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