Styrene Boards


Enhance Your Space with Premier Quality Styrene Board

BannerBuzz is transforming the realm of indoor and outdoor displays with its exceptional Styrene Foam Board Signs. Crafted with a 3mm thickness and boasting a light weight of just 1.57 pounds per square foot, these signs are a perfect blend of strength and ease of use. Their brilliant white hue and matte finish ensure a reflection-free experience, ideal for settings rich in photography or under direct lighting. Excelling in a variety of environments, from dynamic trade shows to serene indoor cafes, these signs are a versatile choice for any space.

Tailored for Your Distinctive Requirements

Each sign from BannerBuzz stands as a symbol of our dedication to personalization and excellence. Recognizing the varied demands of both businesses and individuals, we employ a superior direct printing technique, ensuring vibrant colors and crisp details on every display. Ideal for advertising special occasions or highlighting new offerings, these signs serve as an ideal platform for your artistic expression. Simple to handle, store, and modify, our Styrene Foam Board Signs act not merely as tools, but as integral elements in your marketing and communication efforts.

Economical and Eye-Catching Signage Solutions

BannerBuzz is committed to delivering cost-effective solutions without skimping on elegance or quality. Our Styrene Foam Board Signs embody this commitment, providing a budget-friendly yet impactful choice for your promotional needs. Durable and featherlight, they represent a lasting investment with ongoing benefits. Perfectly suited for a range of establishments from small enterprises to expansive venues, these signs are designed to captivate and connect with your audience. Choose BannerBuzz for your signage needs and discover the impact of premium quality and meticulous attention on your display strategy. With BannerBuzz, your message remains distinct, lively, and poised to make a lasting impact.