Shipping & Receiving Sign

Shipping & Receiving Sign

  • Shipping and receiving signs for a clear message to all.
  • Great for indoor & outdoor usage.
  • Come with a mounting hole option in each corner.
  • Available in various standard sizes to fit your requirements.
  • Bulk purchase discount available.

Shipping & Receiving Signs for Clear Messaging

Easy-to-read shipping & receiving signs are perfect to demonstrate how much you care about your facility. Due to our extensive selection, you are certain to find a design and a legend that everyone will enjoy. Find hundreds of stocked signs with room titles ranging from Accounting to X-Ray, all at a reasonable cost.

The majority of the patterns are also available in a variety of colors. With them, you have the option of matching or complementing your decor.

The signs come with mounting hole options of 5-7mm diameter in each corner. With a corner radius of 1”, they can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor use for great messaging.

Our signs are available in various standard sizes. Starting with 8” x 3”, they go up to 28” x 20”. Choose the desired size based on your requirements.

Compliance Signs with Full Color 600 DPI Printing

Our compliance signs are made with a 1.2mm-thick aluminum sheet which makes them durable. They are UV printed at full-color 600 DPI resolution for stunning visuals.

The printing is done on white vinyl and then pasted on the aluminum sheet. These simple shipping & receiving signs make it easy for staff and visitors to understand what is going on in your organisation.

Bulk Purchase Discount on Shipping & Receiving Signs

Want to purchase shipping & receiving signs in bulk? You’re in luck as we provide a great discount on your bulk purchases. Place an order in quantities ranging from 2 to 100 right now and avail great discounts. When you are checking out, choose 'Priority' shipping to ensure the quickest possible delivery time.