Records Sign

Records Sign

  • Easy-to-read record room signs for employees and visitors.
  • High-quality UV-resistant printing in 600 DPI.
  • Available in multiple custom sizes.
  • Can be mounted in outdoor and indoor facilities.

Easy-to-Read ‘Record’ Signs in the Highest Quality

Designated rooms in your facility need visible and easy-to-read name plates. Putting up a sign for your record room in your facility will be convenient for visitors and employees. We provide high-quality record room signs ideal for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

These signs are printed in 600 DPI with UV-resistant technology. Our printing technique ensures visual vibrancy of signs. The color of the signs doesn't bleed or fade with time either.

Our record signs are made of 1.2mm thick aluminum sheets. This material is of high quality that lasts long. The ‘record’ design is printed on white vinyl, then pasted on this aluminum sheet.

The design has a red background color and white font color. The font type and size selected for design is such that it can be read easily from a distance.

Custom Record Signs to Mount Anywhere You Like

We offer custom record signs in multiple standard sizing options. All our sizes are rectangular in shape with maximum visibility. You can choose the most suitable size for your facility. The sizes start from 8 inch width x 3 inch height and go upto 28 inch width x 20 inch height.

Our custom-sized signs come with mounting holes on each corner. The mounting holes have a diameter of 5-7mm and the corners are rounded having 1" radius. You can easily mount your sign anywhere you like.

Get Custom Signs at Special Bulk Discount

We offer bulk discounts on purchase of custom record signs in quantities ranging from 2-500. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase and place an order now.