Creative Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

It’s now crunch time in the holiday sales rush! You know that all of your competitors are working hard to get customers in the door, so you need to be savvy and think outside the box. Here are a few ways to get started:

Holiday-Themed Ads

It’s smart to take advantage of the free advertising space right at your business location by using physical promotional ads to draw attention to your store. You can purchase affordable custom banners to advertise for a particular holiday sale like #BlackFriday or #CyberMonday or you can go with a more general holiday-themed flag that you can use year after year.

Holiday-themed window decal signs are eye-catching and will quickly grab window shoppers’ attention, hopefully drawing them inside your store. 

Flyers are an inexpensive form of advertising that can allow you to easily reach your target audience. You can ask to hang your flyers in other local shops that may share the same customer base, place them on community advertising boards, on windshields in a nearby parking lot, or hand them out at public events such as markets.

Give the Gift of Ideas

Advertising gifts for particular groups of people such as “ Top Christmas Gifts For Preschoolers” or “ Best Gifts for Dads” is a great way to reach out to casual customers who may not have thought of your store otherwise. 

You can advertise these sales quickly and easily on your business’s social media. Using in-store pop ups to advertise hot gift items to customers that are already in your store is a great idea too! You already have them there  — now show them what you’ve got! 

Make it About Giving Back

The holidays are a great time to give back to your community. While holiday giving should be about improving your community by connecting with your neighbors, it does bring with it the power to improve awareness about your business and increase your marketability! 

You can let customers know about your charitable giving with in-store signage such as “For every X item you buy, we give X back to the community.”  Or on social media, by agreeing to donate a Thanksgiving dinner to a needy family for every new follower your business page receives that day. 

You can also get your customers in on the giving spirit by inviting them to contribute to your Thanksgiving dinner drive by donating canned goods. You can place a donation box right in your store. 

Happy Holidays from BannerBuzz! 

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