Holiday Marketing Checklist For Small Business Owners

The holidays are upon us! This is a busy time of year for most businesses and it’s a great time to interact with your customers by upping your marketing campaigns. Is your small business prepared? 

If not, don’t panic – take action! Here are a few tips to get you started: 

Create a Marketing Budget

The first step would be to create a holiday marketing budget. There are certain types of marketing that you can do on a dime  — such as in-store promotional displays, and there are others that will take a bit of investment, but they may be worth your while. 

It’s always smart to record data from your marketing plans each year. This will help you see what forms of marketing-generated the most sales and help you decide how to invest in the future. It will also help you be better prepared with your inventory. 

Holiday Email Newsletter

If you already have a monthly or quarterly newsletter, this won’t cost you a thing. Many websites will also include business newsletters in the packages  — so check to see if yours does too! This is a great way to let your customers know about special holiday promotions. 

If you think your average customer might prefer something a little more old-fashioned than email, you could always publish your holiday deals in a local paper.  

Everyone Loves Snail Mail! 

Personalized mail is a great way to reach out to guests. It shows them that you’ve taken the time for them. A holiday greeting card that is personalized with your customers’ names is a great way to let them know you really care. For an added touch, you can personalize it with your logo by simply uploading your design. 

If you’re a retail business the holidays are a great time to send out updated catalogs to your customers. You can highlight specific holiday deals or even just your quarterly specials!  

 Keep Customers Connected With a 2020 Calendar 

Since the holidays are at the end of the year, it’s also an ideal time to gift your customers a new business calendar. Everyone is shopping for a new one around this time of year and it is something your customers will definitely use. It will also remind them about your business every time they see it.  You can even include dates of known events or deals at your business, too. 

Happy new year!

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