5 Creative Ways to Send Holiday Messages

The holidays mean a lot of things. Family gatherings, office parties, and special sales among them. Underlying these events that we associate with the holidays are the reasons they are so important to us: our feelings of gratitude, closeness, and our emotional connections with one another. That’s where the holidays get that special-ness we so enjoy. Channeling those feelings to come up with new, novel ways of sending special holiday messages to connect with the people we share our lives with is one of the funniest parts of the season.

Tent Cards

These are one of the staples of the restaurant and bar industries. Sure, custom-designed tent cards are perfect for a list of holiday drink specials, live entertainment schedules, and chef’s specials. But they can also be used at events as a combination greeting card and coupon to take home, seating/table cards with personalized messaging, or maybe even a combination of business and holiday cards. Stretch your creativity and you could have a one-of-a-kind piece of holiday magic.

Event Flyers

We’ve all seen them. They’re often used as an invitation to a live entertainment event. They’re printed on glossy card stock – sometimes matte, but usually glossy – and are easy to hand out, put in a prime position for customer traffic, or even to mail if need be. They give you the opportunity to design and create an unforgettable card with just the right holiday message.

Save-the-Date Cards

Having that company party you want to invite customers or clients to? Maybe a special, friends-and-family preview sale? Whatever your reason, creating personalized save-the-date cards is the perfect way to deepen connections. They can actually serve two functions: a caring invitation as well as a Happy Holiday card.

Frosted Window Decals

One of the great parts of the holidays for those living far enough away from the equator is the feeling of winter. The snow, the crisp air, and the frost on the windows. Recreate that feeling anywhere by designing your own frosted window decals. Announce your holiday sale, your special event, or simply use it to make your windows the most festive around.

Custom Mugs

How many special mugs are in the kitchen at work? Or on desks? We love our personalized mugs. Doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, tea, or hot spiced apple cider, that clever saying or heartwarming message is always something we all like to share. One great way to do that is to create your own coffee mug. Hand them out as party favors, candy-filled presents, employee gifts – they’re a perfect fit for almost anything.

Don’t let our list stop you. Create your own one-of-a-kind holiday message and start enjoying your holidays today!

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