4 Hints for Great School Signs and School Banners to Keep Your Campus Buzzing

4 Hints for Great School Signs and School Banners to Keep Your Campus Buzzing

Happy Summer, Teachers and Administrators!

If you’re in the school right now, take a breath and look around. NO STUDENTS! Time to get some real work done!

Check Your Signs and Banners

It’s a great time to check all your school signs and banners to see if you need anything new
(or replaced) for next year. Ordering now gives you plenty of time to receive your order and get
those signs out there where you need them. Here are a few hints:

Hint #1 : Check Every Metal Sign on Campus

There’s a good chance some of your metal signs have been damaged over the school year. Kids (especially high-schoolers) tend to enjoy denting, painting, bending, and writing on school signs – especially the ones with rules they don’t care for!

Metal Signs

Hint #2 : Are Your Signs Up to Date?

There are a few reasons a sign could be considered out of date:

  • The rule or idea on the sign no longer applies
  • Dated artwork or wording (metal signs last a long time!)
  • Changes in society or laws make signs invalid or even illegal

Work in Progress Signs

Hint #3 : Do You Need New Signs?

It’s very possible that you need some completely new signs for the upcoming school year. Ask yourself:

  • What rules are consistently being broken? Is there a particular area where the problems occur?
  • What questions did you get over and over last year? Would a sign help answer some of those questions?
  • Are there areas of the building students and visitors have difficulty finding? Signs can help! Be creative!

School Sign

Hint #4 : Think Ahead on Banners

Banners are a great way to publicize events, support teams, and congratulate groups or individuals, along with many other terrific ideas for any school. What big events would be accented by a big, colorful banner?

  • Welcome to School
  • Open House
  • Parent Night
  • Sports Teams
  • Fine Arts Performances
  • Congratulations
  • Mesh Banners for Fences – Great for Sports Fields
  • Breakaway Banners – Your Team Runs Through a Beautiful Custom Banner!

It’s Easy to Get the Right Signs and Banners for Your School

Start here to check out all our pre-printed school signs and banners. But remember: we can make
ANY banner or sign! Use our design tool to add your school logo, mascot, etc. Create signs and banners that are perfect for your school with BannerBuzz!

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