It’s Not Just a Banner: It’s a Tradition!

It’s Not Just a Banner: It’s a Tradition!

  • On the roads . . .

  • Corey Doctorow/

  • On our buildings . . .

  • Paul Joseph/

  • Above our cities!

  • ING Group/

With banners seemingly everywhere, it’s easy
sometimes to forget the important role that banners
play in our society.

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain via

have waved
for some really
important things!

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Yard Sign –
in fact,
signs and

still help us decide on the most
important questions

in our society!

Public Domain via Wikimedia Common

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Maybe it brings
you more sales . . .

Memorial day banner

. . . honors an
important service . . ..

Custom Banners

. . . or celebrates an
important event!

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