How Designing Your Custom Banners Can Increase Sales

Brick and mortar businesses face increasing competition from ecommerce platforms. You must get creative and find ways to drive foot traffic to your physical location if you want to expand your customer base and keep existing clients coming back. A great way to help your store stand out from competitors and drive revenue is with custom designed, high quality signage. 

Your Business Needs Banners

You could have an amazing business but if no one knows what you do or where you are located, it is likely going to be a struggle to survive. Small businesses cannot make the mistake of assuming customers will come to them. You have to do what’s necessary to promote what your business has to offer, build brand awareness, and inform customers of your location. 

With proper promotion paramount to success, effective signage is the key to driving higher foot traffic and boosting sales. Research shows that nearly 76% of consumers reported entering a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs. 

Why Signage Sells

Good signage is great for business. Given that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, it’s no surprise that a well designed sign strategy can increase sales. In fact, a recent study found that the addition of a single on-premise sign adds an average of 4.75% in annual sales revenue. Considering how cost-effective storefront signs are, that is a fantastic return on investment. 

Give Your Message A Signal Boost With Signs

Signs are an inexpensive way to tell customers about your business and promote important messages. From custom yard signs to vinyl banners, there are sign options that fit every retail space. 

Be informative yet concise with your messaging. Create anhierarchy with your messaging to ensure the main focal point of your signage will grab people’s attention. If you just opened, a banner with a big, bright Grand Opening message will alert customers to a new business in their area and quickly communicate what you do and where you are located.

Well designed signs that employ your business logo and color scheme reinforce your brand identity and build brand awareness. On the other hand, sloppy signage can hurt your sales, so you want to make sure your signs have a concise message, organized appearance, and effective design.

Bad Design Is Bad For Business

Signs are an extension of your brand because customers will equate the quality of your signage with the quality of your goods or services. In a recent survey conducted by FedEx, over 50% of respondents indicated that poor signage deters them from entering a place of business. Attention to detail and proper design techniques are critical for the successful messaging of your marketing materials. Misspelled words, bad color choice or poorly placed signage can completely derail your advertising goals and hurt your sales. 

You’ve built your business from the ground up, so relinquishing any amount of creative control can be scary. However, if design is outside of your wheelhouse, hiring a designer is an inexpensive strategy to get the most out of your custom signage investment. 

Create A Winning Design

Designers have extensive knowledge of the ways visual design tactics can drive consumer psychology and positively impact businesses. If you are a restaurant owner, a skilled designer can show you how to make garden flags that will grab customers’ attention and increase your patio seating sales. 

A designer will take your brand into account when creating a color scheme that reflects your company’s purpose. They will also help you create a scannable message, employ effective font choices like Sans Serif or Helvetica, and ensure your sign’s elements are properly aligned. 

These elements may seem like small details, but they are changes that are vitally important to position your business as an authority on your industry. Approximately 60% of businesses reported that changing the design or enhancing the visibility of their signage had a positive impact on sales, number of transactions and profits, with an average increase of about 10%. Hiring a designer to create a winning design strategy is a great way to see higher sales returns.

Visibility Is Vital

Increasing brand awareness is contingent upon customers and passersby actually being able to see your brand. Once you have hired a designer and created captivating custom banners and signs, you need to ensure they are well placed. Use banner stands to support your signage and keep outdoor banners from falling over in the outdoor elements. 

Place sale signs, special event promotions, and announcements in storefront windows and by checkout counters. A mix of outdoor and in-store banners keeps messaging cohesive and ensures customers can find the sales or products that brought them into your business in the first place. Well designed and well placed signage takes the guesswork out of the customer’s in-store experience which promotes higher customer satisfaction. 

Messaging, design, and placement each play an important part in your advertising initiatives. Be informative yet concise with your sign’s message, hire a designer to create hierarchy and organize your sign’s aesthetic and use banner stands to elevate your signage to boost visibility and increase sales. Take these advertising techniques into consideration and you will see first hand how well designed banners can increase your sales. 



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