OSHA DANGER Elevator Shaft Way Sign

OSHA DANGER Elevator Shaft Way Sign


OSHA 'Danger: Elevator Shaft-Way' Signs Communicate Your Safety Message

  • Aluminum sheeting is durable to resist corrosion.
  • UV printing delivers fade-resistant colors.
  • The 600 DPI printing offers sharp graphics.
  • A pre-printed message saves you time on design.
  • Mounting holes make installation fast and easy.

Durable, High-Quality Elevator Signs are Customizable

A safety protocol around heavy machinery, such as elevators, is essential to keep employees and visitors safe at your business. The key is to have clear communication. Use our elevator signs to take a proactive approach to safety for your employees, visitors, and customers. Our signs clearly mark elevator areas and inform people about safety standards.

Our 1.2 mm thick aluminum signs are strong and durable. The material can withstand wear and tear, which increases the longevity of the signs. Resistance to corrosion and weather makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Full color printing on our elevator safety signs ensures the graphics are vivid and visible from a distance. The 600 DPI resolution delivers clear, crisp colors. Lightfastness from UV printing prevents the colors from fading for long-lasting use outdoors.

We provide a variety of printing options to suit your needs. You can select from a range of sizes to create danger signs that meet your requirements. If you have a particular design request, leave detailed information in the box provided.

Elevator Safety Signs are Ready to Use and Easy to Install

Save time on the design process with our pre-designed elevator signs. Each sign has a graphic that alerts passersby to the presence of an elevator shaft-way. This lets you skip a long design process with a ready-to-use sign.

Installation is easy to save you time and effort. Our aluminum signs have pre-drilled mounting holes in each corner for nails or screws. This speeds up the installation process so you can attach the signs to walls or doors quickly and efficiently.

Order Elevator Signs in Bulk

If there's more than one area where you need to install elevator danger signs, we offer a bulk discount. This discount applies to orders of as few as 2 to over 20 signs. You can order based on your budget and specific needs, whether your business is large or small.

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