Laboratory Sign

Laboratory Sign

  • Aluminum materials make the signs durable.
  • UV printing produces sharp images with high resolution.
  • Customization options are available to meet your demands.
  • Mounting holes make installation simple.
  • The printing mechanism is eco-friendly.

Provide Navigational Aid with Laboratory Signs

Durable, High-Quality, Customizable Laboratory Signs

Label departments at your facility to make it easier for new employees and visitors to find offices and departments, as well as to help your company become more organized. Visitors who are unfamiliar with your facility can quickly find their way while attempting to navigate with the placement of signage. Our room name signs make it easy for individuals to move around your facility.

Made of 1.2mm thick corrosion-resistant aluminum sheets, our lab signs can withstand the elements. The durability and resilience of the material assures that the signage will last a long time, even outdoors. You'll be able to use the signs to provide directional help both within and outside the premises.

Printing at 600 DPI produces sharp and high-resolution graphics that guests can view even from afar. The vibrant finish of full color UV printing gives the workplace signs a sharp contrast that attracts guests' attention, resulting in improved communication.

Customization options are available to help you get a tailored product. Choose from a variety of sizes or include specific instructions to ensure the laboratory signs meet your specifications.

Lab Signs are Eco-Friendly and Easy to Install

Mounting holes in each corner simplify installation by reducing the need for drilling. The 1-inch radius rounded corners on the room name signs protect against sharp edges and allow you to mount the signage safely.

We print the workplace signs with a printing technology that uses biodegradable inks and doesn't emit solvents into the atmosphere. This allows your business to reduce its carbon impact and to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Laboratory Signs come Pre-Printed

To assist people in finding their way around, our lab signs include a pre-printed text identifying the laboratory. This saves you time and effort in self-designing and allows you to use the signs right away.

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