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Elevator-Escalator Signs

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Automate Safety on Escalators with Escalator Signs and Decals

Have you ever paid attention to the insisting computerized voice of a female when you step on an escalator? Hands-on the Handrail to avoid accidents! With so many people looking forward to reaching on top of the stairs without making efforts, keeping things on the safer side is a challenge. Humans are prone to making mistakes due to their loose behavior toward their own safety. So, we make arrangements to ensure that they don’t fall on the ground. People used to listen to music on their headsets while escalating on automatic stairs, which makes it difficult for them to listen to the humming voice of warning alerts but they have their eyes opened all the time, so they can see escalator-warning signs. Bannerbuzz understands the significance of these signs in the interest of public safety and provides escalator safety signs and compliance signs that are hard to miss.

Precautionary messages for people to read and pay heed to notable dangers is the key to the prevention of accidents.

  • The escalator warning signs remind people of the essential rules they should follow while riding on the escalator
  • Place the escalator safety signs at the gates of the escalator or elevator shafts
  • If you own a mall or a building with escalators, you should use these signs to reduce accidents

Warning signs to prevent accidents

We design and manufacture escalator caution signs that are easy to understand with black color symbols and text printed on a yellow surface of sturdy laminated vinyl material. Lamination prevents water, tear, weather abuse, stains, dullness, chemical spills, etc. We make them bold and bright for people to see it even from a distance and lasts forever. We ensure that our products meet the highest standard of quality by following the compliance policy of escalator signs. We make signs that read - “hold the handrail”, “Do not run on escalators, Do not rush on Escalators, Stay Safe, with different illustrations and symbols and install them in the line of sight of people. Bannerbuzz has a team of expert designers and people who are dedicated to making signs visible even in the dim light. We deliver project-based services catering to every need of our customers, that too, before the projected timeline, and provide warning signs and decals for places or machinery that are prone to human mistakes and try to mitigate the risk of accidents. 

Aside from escalator warning signs, we provide customized solutions to add customer’s view on the design of the products and different type of signs such as elevator-shaft way sign, Rigid signs, elevator room signs, out of order signs, compliance signs, Water on the floor, slippery surface, etc. We provide signs in various colors, shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, and texture but one thing is common in all of them – you cannot turn your eyes from them. Our escalator signs are eyes-friendly and reinforce your escalator safety program. These signs educate people on safety rules and regulations to reduce exposure to accidental elements. Just stick them in the right place and you will see a sharp decrease in daily accidents. You can remove and reapply them easily without leaving adhesive on the surface. We also provide installation accessories such as stands, frames, stickers, ropes and ground stacks.