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Alcohol-Weapon-Drug Free Property Rules Signs

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Basketball Court Rules Sign With Symbol Sign
7" x 5" Starts at $6.90
Field Rules Sign
7" x 5" Starts at $6.90
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Fitness Center Rules Sign
7" x 5" Starts at $6.90
Gun Free Campus Sign
7" x 5" Starts at $6.90
Gun Free Facility Label Sign
7" x 5" Starts at $6.90
Gun Free Facility Sign
7" x 5" Starts at $6.90
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Make Your Property Safe with a Property Rules Sign

Every public/private property like malls and school buildings has a set of norms that need to be followed by everyone. These alcohol, weapon or drug-free signs are designed to make this task easier for you. Use these printed signs to place them outside or inside the premises of your building, be it a public or personal space. To match the needs of different customers, we offer these rigid signs in a variety of sizes and styles. These pre-printed premises signs can be customized based on your personal size requirements. They work perfectly for schools, government buildings, and even private properties that do not support alcohol, weapons or drugs. You can use these signs in the following ways: 

  • To prohibit the use of drugs, alcohol, weapons, or even bullying
  • To welcome only permit holders inside a building or designated space.
  • Drug/alcohol warnings for pregnant mothers
  • To list sport rules, for instance, ‘Basketball court rules’.
  • No firearms sign
  • Gun-free zone sign
  • Permit holders welcome sign
  • Trespassing warning sign
  • Hunting rules
  • Fitness center rules
  • Lock your vehicle sign
  • No repair zone for vehicles
  • Cell Phone rules sign 

Order Your Property Sign in Two Easy Clicks 

Most of the signage available at BannerBuzz, including our custom banners to signs & decals can be easily customized. It makes them unique and personal to every customer. However, these drug-free property rules signs are pre-designed. These ready-to-ship signs are already designed and printed to match the needs of different customers. This decreases our turnaround time even more and allows us to ship them in the shortest possible time. 

So, all you have to do is browse through the above-listed signs to find the one that would work perfectly for your property. Once you find it, click and you will be redirected to that particular product page. To place your quick order, just select your preferred symbol sign size. For your convenience, we manufacture these compliance signs in multiple sizes. To find a suitable size for your indoor space or outdoor area, pick the dimensions from the ‘SIZE’ drop-down list. Then, enter the quantity and add any specific instructions in the box provided below. Enter your delivery details and you are done. Isn’t it quick? Let’s start your order then!