We are Still Open Signicade Black

We are Still Open Signicade Black

  • Signs printed using full-color technology for enhanced visibility.
  • Pre-printed messages save time and effort spent on self-designing.
  • A-frame signs are ready-to-use outdoors.
  • Built using durable materials that last longer.
  • Multiple customization options avaiable.

Display Information Effectively with We are Still Open Signicades in Black

Black Signicades are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Due to unforeseen circumstances, your establishment might only offer drive-thru service for a certain amount of time. In such situations, it is necessary to get the word out that your facility is still functioning under slightly altered conditions. By using outdoor store signs from BannerBuzz, you show customers and passersby that your company is keeping to the regulations to help protect others.

Graphics panels made using 4-mm thick Coroplast, coupled with frames constructed from molded plastic, offers a sturdy and durable product. The 'we are still open' signs are resistant to daily wear and tear and suitable for outdoor use. This makes the signs excellent for long-term commercial use.

Black signicades use full-color digital UV printing technology that produces crisp graphics in vibrant colors. The high-quality signs are clearly visible from afar. 

The A-frame signs come with multiple customization possibilities in terms of graphics, the number of printed panels, and optional frames. These help you in modifying the signs to suit your specifications. Order one printed panel if you want to put your sign adjacent to a wall, and purchase two panels for placement at the entryway or parking area of your restaurant. You can also choose to replace the existing panels with new panels while reusing the frame if your messaging requirements change. 

We Are Still Open Signs are Portable and Eco-Friendly

Lightweight materials used in the outdoor store signs make the products easily portable. The signs come with an integrated handle on top for easy repositioning. As you can move the signicades to different locations to suit your requirements, the signs are a good one-time investment.

Printing techniques employed are low on emission. Eco-friendly printing technique helps build your company's image as an ecologically responsible institution and assists you in fulfilling your social responsibilities.

Black Signicades are Ready to Use

Pre-printed messages on the outdoor store signs available at BannerBuzz facilitate are easy to order. It helps save time and effort you may spend on self-designing and allows you to redirect your efforts to other work. Set up the ready-to-use signicades immediately upon receipt to quickly share that your business is still open, preventing loss of revenue.

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