Safety Awareness Signicade Deluxe Black


Buy Safety Awareness Signicade Deluxe Black to Disseminate Information Easily

Alert people to impending or ongoing hazardous situations with our safety awareness signicade deluxe black at BannerBuzz. Whether it is a health emergency, disease outbreak, directional purposes, construction warnings, or anything else that requires attention, our sidewalk signs are perfect for all. The signs are easily portable and thus can be used for different locations with ease.

The signicades come with a molded-in handle that makes them easy to lift and carry. We provide the signicades in a preassembled condition so that customers don’t have to worry about assembling them. Our signicades are available in a standard size of 2 ft x 3 ft. The appropriate size does not end up consuming a lot of space, at the same time it is large enough to be visible from a distance.

No onlooker can miss these awareness signs with important messages. Our black safety signicade feature a frame and a graphic. The graphic panel is made of 4 mm coroplast material. The high-quality material makes the product strong and long-lasting. The dimension of the panel is 36" x 24".

With a weight of about 20 lbs, the signicades are perfect for outdoor use. The lightweight makes the signs easy to use, store, and maintain. However, if your area experience high-speed winds, then the signs can get easily damaged. For the same reason, our frame can also be ballasted with sand to increase their weight.

Boxes of 4" x 26" x 47" dimensions are used to pack and ship our deluxe black signicades. The packaging is simple and the signs are ready-to-install. Simply, take out the signs from the package and place them at strategic locations for maximum visibility, enhancing maximum compliance of the given guidelines.

Our safety awareness signicade deluxe black printing is done using the full color digital UV-printing technique. This helps in giving them the best color match, a longer print life, and clarity. The prints are durable and do not fade easily with time. Therefore, our signicades are budget-friendly and help you avoid frequent expenses on such signs.

If customers want to change signs, they can also do so quickly. Our panel changeovers are also relatively more straightforward. We help customers design the personalized safety awareness signicade deluxe black based on their personal needs. You can directly upload your artwork, or design the sign online using our modish templates, or hire our designer at a small additional cost.

Placing an order for our long-lasting signs is an easy task. Just select the personalization option, single or double panel printing option (as required), and head towards checkout. That’s all. Our website also offers you to buy, either the graphic or the frame, or both as per your need. So, invest your money to buy only what is needed.

For all orders ranging from 2-100, we provide a special discount. The amount varies depending upon the quantity of the purchase. Shop online for your safety awareness signicade deluxe black to get your special discount. Place your order now and enjoy the amazing discount benefits.

Product Specification
Safety Awareness Signicade Deluxe Black:
  • Use: Outdoor
  • Weight: 20 lbs., Can be Ballasted with Sand
  • Packaging: Ships in one 4"x26"x47" Box
  • Assembly Required: No
Custom Printing Information:
  • Graphics Panel: 4 mm Coro-Plast, 36"x24"
  • Bleed: Not Required
  • Panels Required: Two, Each Printed on 1 Side
  • Printing: Full Color Digital UV
  • Panel Changeover: Easy

Printing Options


You can get the graphics printed on a single panel or both the panels. Design your graphics with two printed panels for multi-directional marketing opportunities.