New Temporary Hours due to Covid-19 Signicade Black

New Temporary Hours due to Covid-19 Signicade Black

  • Molded plastic material makes the product durable.
  • Full color UV printing produces clear and vibrant prints.
  • Customization options are available to meet your needs.
  • Lightweight materials make the signs portable.
  • Pre-designed, the signs are ready to use.

Keep Customers Informed with New Temporary Hours Black Signicades

Durable, High-Quality, Customizable Black Signicades

Disease outbreaks and government regulations may force your business to modify its working hours. Clients benefit from clear communication regarding the changes you've made to ensure everyone's safety. Our outdoor signs allow you to inform clients about the adjustments so that you may continue to deliver services to meet their needs.

Made of molded plastic material, the temporary hour signs have remarkable strength. You can ballast the signs with sand to increase their stability. The durable signs can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use.

We use digital UV printing to create high-quality prints that are clear and have sharp contrast. This ensures that every detail on the molded plastic signs is readable, even from afar. Full color printing adds vibrancy to the signs to attract attention.

Customize the black signicades to meet your requirements. You can order the graphics or frames individually or together, depending on your needs. Based on where you will place the signs, you can choose either one or two printed panels. Include specific instructions to ensure that the signage is consistent with your branding.

Temporary Hours Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

Our outdoor signs comprise lightweight materials and have a handle for easy transportation and storage. The panels are readily interchangeable thanks to Velcro fastening. You may move the signs as much as you need, providing an increase to your ROI.

Our molded plastic signs include a message informing consumers about your new temporary hours. Pre-printed messages save time, since you don't have to design your own. The signs are easy to install, so you can immediately begin informing customers of the changes to your store hours.

Get Discounts when Ordering Black Signicades in Bulk

Order the temporary hours signs according to your budget and demands, whether you have a small or large business. When you buy in numbers ranging from 2 to over 100, you'll get corresponding discounts to help you meet individual needs while staying inside your budget.

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