Grand Impressions HD

Grand Impressions HD

  • Portrait and landscape styles for different layouts.
  • Different sizes cater to small and large businesses.
  • The mats are easy to clean for simple maintenance.
  • Recycled rubber and vinyl backing delivers extended durability.
  • Customizable features allow for creative and strategic designs.

Logo Mats with Premium-Quality Impressions for Advertising Your Business

High-Quality Logo Mats are Durable and Customizable

Transform busy entryways, lobbies, and floor sections into advertising spaces with custom floor mats. Display relevant company information to attract and inform new and current customers. The mats may feature company logos or special messages. Floor mats also help maintain and protect interior floor sections by preventing physical damage and trapping dirt. Strategic installation in busy lobbies and entryways leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Promotional floor mats feature acid-dyed continuous filament nylon with a recycled nitrile rubber and vinyl backing for longevity and heavy-duty performance. Inks and dyes are injected deeply and permanently into the unwoven nylon filaments to prevent fading and cracking under frequent use. The durable floor mats serve your business for years, reducing your overall promotional spending.

Crafted using high-tech digital printers, our custom floor mats feature fine details and vibrant colors, offering enhanced legibility from a distance. The photographic-quality graphics impart a professional look and easily attract traffic to specific flooring sections. The premium-quality mats are easily noticeable and suitable for brand recognition, transforming entryways and lobbies into quick and effective promotional tools.

Portrait and landscape printed floor mats of varying sizes are available for different facility layouts and advertisement budgets. Over 100 standard colors are available to choose from. Customize designs from existing templates, upload logos or artwork, design online, or send in specific instructions. Customization allows you to create unique mat designs that benefit your marketing campaign.

Custom Floor Mats are Portable and Require Simple Care

Promotional floor mats are lightweight, allowing for simple transport from place to place. This portability makes the mats ideal for relocation at indoor events and exhibitions. Portable mats help increase your company's return on investment since you can move them from one place to another.

Printed floor mats are relatively stain-resistant and require simple maintenance through cleaning, disinfecting, or sanitizing. Maintain a friendly and welcoming environment with easy-to-clean advertisement mats and reduce your overall promotional spend.

Get Discounts for Bulk Logo Mat Purchases

We offer bulk purchase discounts for quantities of 2 to over 500 printed floor mats to cater to the budgets and demands of small and large establishments. Order as many floor mats as your promotional budget allows to achieve the most cost-effective marketing solution. When you order in quantity, you may set up in various locations, drawing maximum attention to your business.

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