Dine In Closed Signicade White


Inform Customers About Curbside Services with Dine In Closed White Signicades

Customizable, Durable, and High-Quality White Signicades

At various times, restaurant and cafe owners may need to let their guests know that dine-in service is not an option, but that take-away and curbside services are available. These businesses might also desire to alert potential customers that they may order online. With our take out available signs placed on sidewalks, in parking areas, or near entryways, you can let customers know that there's no dine-in option, but that you can still fulfill curbside and takeout orders.

The 36 x 24 inch curbside signs are 4 millimeters thick for sturdiness. Made of rigid Coroplast, the signboards are stable against any outdoor elements. A recessed sign area protects the graphics so they last. Built to withstand daily wear and tear as well as the elements, the durable signs won't often need replacement. As a one-time purchase, the signs therefore help to save on your ad spend while driving business to your website.

With full color, digital UV printing, each printed sign displays vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow and white. These colors are arranged to attract a person's attention. The graphics are sharp and clear, allowing passersby to read the sign from a long distance away. Thus, the signs impart the message that curbside and take out are available from your establishment, conceivably enhancing your customer base for a greater return on your investment.

Our white signicades come with multiple variants. As the sign comprises both a graphic and frame, you can opt to select just one or the other in your order. Sign owners can also choose whether they want one or two panels, with two panels comprising the sign's front and back sides for increased exposure.

Portable, Eco-Friendly Dine In Closed Signs

We use eco-friendly inks on our take out available signs, which don't release solvents into the air, providing an environmentally safe product. This sustainable practice lowers your company's carbon footprint and helps satisfy the environmental concerns of those who truly care about the planet, securing your reputation as an ecologically responsible business.

With lightweight construction and handles at the top, the curbside signs are easy to set up, position and relocate whenever you need. The folding nature of the sign also makes it easy to store inside your location when not in use. With their portability, the signs can be used again and again, reducing your ad spend.

White Signicades are Ready to Use Out of the Box

Pre-printed signs come with the message already displayed on the paneling. Simply slide the panels into the frames, and your assembly is complete. With all the content pre-provided, you will save time and resources on making your own signage.

Take Out Available Signs for Notifying Customers About Online Ordering

Advise your customers of your restaurant's curbside and take out options with durable, high-quality and customizable white signicades.

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