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Curbside / Takeout / Delivery / Drive Thru Signicade Black

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Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade Black
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UV Print Quality Black Portable Sign Stands for Contactless Business

Durable and Lightweight Takeout and Delivery Signs 

Effective marketing materials are important to a business, especially when your business offers contactless sales. We offer a durable solution with lightweight 2 x 3-foot signs that guide customers through hands-free transactions while providing company advertising. Made of black molded plastic, the signs are easy to lift, set up, or remove for repositioning or better visibility. Browse through the vast selections of signs such as curbside, takeout, delivery, and drive-thru signage for quality communication. Choose the signs you want and we deliver them.

Relevant, Easy-to-handle Portable Sign Stands with UV Print Quality

These portable signs have handles on top, which allows you to move them from place to place with ease. The black molded plastic is hard-wearing and stands up to various outdoor weather conditions. The lasting durability of these signs eliminates the constant need for replacements, making them a worthy investment. Make your communication efficient by ordering your stand with our premium quality signage. These signs are ideal for outdoor use due to quality UV printing. We print the Coroplast graphic panels with full-color digital UV ink, making them highly vibrant as a result. Choose a design that best suits your business.

Pre-printed Custom Signicade that are Easy to Use

We offer a wide range of ready-to-use takeout and delivery signs for your business. These pre-printed signs feature pre-designed graphic templates, providing a quick solution that saves you the time and money you might spend on designing. Our layouts feature large text and vibrant colors to make them clear and easy to understand. They attach to the stand through hook-and-loop fasteners for simple setup and assembly. Our signs weigh 18 lbs and you can ballast them with sand to keep them in place despite strong winds. Need to cover a wide area with several signs? We offer bulk discounts if you order more than one unit of the same sign.

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