Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade White

Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade White

  • Pick up only signs are durable to provide maximum value.
  • High-quality digital UV printing allows people to clearly see the signs from a distance.
  • Customization options enable you to match your needs and direct customers to the right location.
  • The signs use eco-friendly ink, making them environmentally sustainable.
  • Ready to use, these signicades save you design time and effort

Inform and Direct Customers with Curbside Pick Up Only Signicades

Curbside Pickup Signs are Durable, High-Quality and Customizable

Your restaurant needs a simple and effective way to direct customers who want to pick up their items outside the storefront. These pick up only signs from BannerBuzz get the message across in a direct and attractive manner. Place them in front of your business to indicate where motorists can park while collecting to-go orders. This frees other parking slots for dine-in customers. The signs also direct passersby to call your business or place an order online, which drives additional sales and revenue.

The graphics in these plastic signicades are on a 36"" x 24"" x 4 mm Coroplast panel. The 4 mm material is thick and sturdy, yet lightweight. The durable signs will withstand inclement weather and hold up well in just about any climate. They also resist damage from grease stains, solvents, and even rodents. The recessed sign area helps to protect the face for a longer lifespan, providing longevity for a reduced ad spend.

Glossy, vibrant printing on our white signicades gives them a sleek and professional look. The high quality graphics allow people to easily see and read the message, even from a distance. With their bright and vivid colors and bold, clear text, these signs draw attention, resulting in increased engagement with your brand for an improved ROI.

You can choose several customization options, including just the graphics, or the graphics and the sign frame. You can also order graphics for one side only or for both the back and front for a wider reach. By choosing the appropriate options, you can easily let customers know where to stop to pick up items.

Eco-Friendly and Portable Pick Up Only Signs

Our printed signs use a printing mechanism that is friendly to the environment, as no solvents release into the atmosphere during the process. This allows your business to be sustainable and socially responsible, appeasing customers and staff who care about the environment.

Since the signs are lightweight and have a carrying handle on the top, you can easily transport and relocate them as needed. If your business changes addresses, you can easily place the plastic signicades outside your new storefront. There's no need to buy another one, which ultimately saves you money.

Curbside Pickup Signs Arrive Ready to Use

Pre-printed graphics with the text Curbside Pick Up Only, Call Our Restaurant or Order Online saves you the time and effort of designing your own image. You can simply order the ready-to-use signs and immediately put them into place, which is ideal when you need rapid solutions to the problem of directing takeout traffic.

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