Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade Black

Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade Black

  • Made of durable materials, the plastic signicades can withstand the elements.
  • Full color UV printing produces high-quality finishes that make the graphics sharp and crisp.
  • Customizations options available to meet your business needs.
  • Our signs are eco friendly since the printing technique does not emit solvents into the air.
  • Lightweight construction and a handle allow you to move the signs around as needed.

Inform Customers About New Services and Operational Changes with Curbside Pick Up Only Signicade

Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Black Signicade

With social distancing being a new norm in everyone's life, restaurants and other service-oriented enterprises are looking for ways to keep their business going. Merchants whose physical stores are closed to customers need creative tools to allow them to keep operating safely. Pick-up only signs inform customers that your company provides curbside pickup services and online ordering. Customers will appreciate the ease of contactless delivery since it saves time while maintaining safety. This allows buyers to pick up their orders at a convenient location and helps them to keep their distance from those outside their household.

For additional rigidity, our pick up only signs feature 4mm Coroplast graphic panels and black molded plastic frames. These materials are resistant to weather, most chemicals, and rodents, allowing you to leave them outside without concern. The grease-stain-resistant graphic panels keep the signs looking clean for a long time.

Because the UV inks sit on the surface, full color digital UV printing provides a glossy finish that adds a sheen to your graphics. This type of printing also comes with a variety of coatings and bright colors that make the images on the printed signs appear clear and crisp. This draws attention, ensuring that the majority of people passing by view your message.

There are customization options available to assist you in tailoring your order to your specific requirements. You may purchase the graphic panel separately if you already have a frame, or you can order the frame alone. There is also an option to get one printed panel if you intend to place the plastic signicade beside a wall or two printed panels, which will help maximize exposure to your message.

Pick Up Only Signs are Eco-Friendly and Portable

On the black signicades, we use an eco safe printing technique to avoid releasing solvents into the air. This ensures that the signage is sustainable, allowing your business to satisfy both its eco-friendly staff and its social responsibilities.

Our printed signs are lightweight and include a top handle to make them easier to move around. This allows you to reposition the signage in areas where it will receive the most exposure, resulting in more effective communication. Because of the portability of these signs, you may reuse them at a new location, making them a one-time investment to decrease your ad spend.

Black Signicades are Ready to Use

These plastic signicades include pre-printed wording that informs customers that your restaurant provides curbside pickup and that online ordering is available. This allows you to use the signs immediately for the convenience of customers and to reduce revenue loss.

Pick Up Only Signs to Communicate with Customers Quickly and Efficiently

BannerBuzz curbside pickup signicades are a long-lasting, eco-friendly, and customizable communication tool for informing consumers of operating changes.

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