Covid-19 Temporary Closure Signicade Black


Provide Business Status to Customers with Black Signicades

Black Signicades are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

There may come a time where a franchise location or other business facility needs to temporarily close down for safety reasons. Since the closure will only be transitory, business owners need a way to address customers and also offer an alternative in order to keep revenue coming in during the closure. A plastic signicade notifying of the temporary closure lets visitors know that your doors may be closed now but will re-open in the near future. It also provides a reminder that the online side of the business is still available and functional.

Made of 4mm Coroplast, black signicades are sturdy and durable to resist wear and tear. Coroplast contains polypropylene, giving it a neutral pH and making it resistant to chemicals, various temperature ranges, and prolonged sun exposure. The corrugated structure of Coroplast adds to its strength and durability and gives it a long, useable life.

Full color digital UV printing puts bright, vibrant colors and clearly legible text on the front of these temporary closure signs. Messaging is easy to read by those approaching on foot or by car, giving them plenty of time to take in the information. The colors also remain consistent across the sign front for a clean look. UV printing prevents smudges, so the sign stays legible even in wet weather.

Customize these printed signs to meet your specific needs, such as the option to have one or two printed panels to face the flow of customers. You can also get the graphic for adding to the display of your choosing or the frame for displaying a customized message. Select a text only print or add a graphic for additional visual distinction.

Temporary Closure Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

A hollow body makes these temporary plastic signs conveniently lightweight and portable and also lets you fill them with sand for ballast during strong winds. An opening at the top serves as a handle for carrying the signs to their designated location when folded. These features make them quick and easy to relocate and reposition as needed.

Printed signs arrive on site fully assembled and ready to use immediately, allowing you to save time and follow health and safety regulations by shutting down business operations quickly. Pre-designed text and graphics means there's no need for you to think of what your message must say. A helpful reminder for customers to visit your website is already added to direct them towards alternate ways to purchase your products or services.

Black Signicades Available in Bulk with Multiple Shopping Options

Order plastic signicades in bulk and receive discounts for large orders, a convenient option that serves the needs and budgets of operations with multiple locations. There are also several convenient delivery options available so you can receive the signs quickly when time is of the essence or simply to have on hand as a contingency plan.

Reassure and Retain Customers with Temporary Closure Signs

Communicate the state of your business operations with lightweight and durable signicades that can be displayed outdoors.

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