Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Signicade Black

Due to Covid-19 Take Out Curbside Available Signicade Black

  • Black signicades are durable to last a long time.
  • High-quality printing results in a professional appearance that is highly visible.
  • You can choose from custom options to match your particular needs.
  • Signs are portable for ease of use.
  • Ready-to-use in order to save you time and effort.

Notify Customers of Options with Take Out Curbside Available Signicades

Black Signicades are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

When your business is only able to offer take-out or curbside pick-up, you need a way to effectively communicate that to customers. The curbside signs from BannerBuzz get the job done to let people know not to enter the inside of your store. Our signs do so in an attractive manner, therefore helping to improve the image of your business. They also direct people to contact your establishment online if there are any concerns, to facilitate proper communication.

Made of a 36"" x 24"" x 4 mm Coroplast and frames constructed of black molded plastic, the take out only signs are durable to hold up over time. You can use the signs outdoors and count on the informational notices to perform through the long haul, which will cut down on your overhead.

Full color digital UV printing used on the signs provides glossy, vibrant, and crisp results. Therefore, the signs have a professional look that lends credibility to your store. Since UV inks tend to stay on top of the printed surface instead of getting absorbed into it, the printed signs will look sharp, making the message easily visible, even from a distance, inviting potential customers to order online for takeout or curbside service.

When ordering our curbside signs, you can choose from only the graphics, only the frames or both, depending on your needs. Also, select from one or two printed panels based on your business requirements. The customization options available allow you to select only the features you need, helping you to stay on budget for cost-effective marketing.

Take Out Only Signs are Portable and Friendly to the Environment

The printed signs are lightweight and have a handle so that you can easily move them from place to place. This way, you won't need to purchase a new sign if you relocate, which ultimately saves your business money.

No solvents are released into the atmosphere during the printing process, which helps preserve the atmosphere through reduced emissions. Therefore, you can fulfill your responsibilities as a business owner when it comes to sustainability with eco-friendly curbside signs.

Black Signicades Arrive Ready to Use

Our take out only signs have a pre-printed message, which saves you the time and trouble of coming up with a message or image of your own. Therefore, you can just order and put the ready-to-use signs directly into place to notify clientele of the availability of curbside and takeout services, preserving your revenue flow.

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