Coronavirus Stop Here if you have Symptoms Signicade Black


Signicade Signs Alert Visitors That They Must Stop if They Have Viral Symptoms

Signicade Signs are Easy to Set Up, Durable, and Customizable

To minimize downtime because of illness, businesses are on the lookout for ways to keep symptomatic persons separate from employees and other customers. Placement of a health alert signicade instructs those with symptoms not to go beyond a certain point and either remain outside or be directed elsewhere. This helps to prevent the spread of illness to others who may spread it further.

Signicade signs are free standing, making them easy to install wherever they are needed. A molded-in handle at the top and lightweight construction provide convenient portability. Printed graphic panels are attached to the signicade using hook and loop fasteners to hold them securely in place.

Coroplast material makes the black signicade sturdy and durable, enabling placement in both outdoor or indoor settings. If placed outside, the frame is hollow for filling with sand to act as ballast in windy conditions. This helps the signicade remain reliably in place for extended periods without additional maintenance.

The signicade A frame is available by itself or along with the pre-printed health alert graphics. Select the frame and add your own customized graphic or other signage. Choose the graphic for placement in another location that fits your business and safety needs. With these options for customization, it's easy to convey the message that visitors with viral symptoms should not proceed.

Black Signicades are High Quality and Easily Accessible

A digital UV printing process creates the vibrant and colorful graphic included with the signicade portable sign stand. It resists fading from prolonged periods outdoors in the sun, remaining clear and legible for those approaching a lobby or the front door. Bold text is easy to read at a glance, helping to halt those with symptoms before they progress further.

Each of the signicade signs ships in one box for simplified receipt of delivery. With multiple shipping options available to fit varying budget and equipment needs, these signicades are easily accessible to enterprises seeking to protect their clients and workforce.

Signicade Signs Available in Bulk at a Discounted Rate

Order just one black signicade or select several for placement at multiple entry points around the building. Quantities are available from 2 to over 100, with some qualifying for a bulk discount, helping businesses stay on budget while still maintaining safe practices.

Health Alert Signicades For Protecting Against Contagious Diseases

Bold graphics and lightweight construction make the signicades a potent and convenient deterrent against the spread of illness.

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