These Were the Top Ten Holiday Spending Trends in 2019

The holiday season is ending soon and consumers have made their final purchases. Some gifts are timeless while others change each year. We did some research and here is a bit of insight on the top ten ways consumers were spending their money in 2019:

Relaxation aidsIs there any better gift than the gift of relaxation? Weighted sleep blankets, sound machines, and massaging foot warmers were all hot gifts this year.

Bath bomb gift sets or baskets with calming items such as tea bags and lavender Epsom salts are great gifts at a lower price point that are sure to be a hit for teachers or for the company gift exchange.

Ebooks and audiobooks

While old school paper books are still always a hit, many people have Kindles and iPads and prefer to use ebooks. Most ebook companies allow gift cards that allow the user to pick any book they want, or you can purchase and gift a particular book.

Audiobook companies such as Audible that run on subscriptions allow you to gift various subscription packages at your price point or send direct audiobooks to friends.


Kids toys are always a hot Christmas item, and while the types of toys may stay the same — such as dolls or action figures, the characters change every year. This year, Frozen 2 and Mario toys were the top trenders. As always NERF toys are top contenders.

Go Green

Going green is a trend year-round, but especially so around the holidays. More and more Americans want to gift an experience like a day at an amusement park, a massage, or a membership — really anything that doesn’t contribute more plastic to the planet.

Phones & AccessoriesGifting someone the newest Apple or Android device is still one of the most popular American gifts, and 2019 was no different.

Game Systems

Retro games are in, so new versions of old systems such as Sega Genesis Flashback are sure to be a hit. The new systems such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 Pro, and X Box One X were all hot gift items this season.

Self care tools

Many people want to encourage healthy practices by gifting friends and loved ones with the gift of self-care. Journals, CBD oil holiday packages, essential oil kits, and diffusers are all trending this year.

Cozy Items

A cozy gift can work in a pinch for just about anyone — everyone loves a pair of fluffy socks, slippers, or a warm throw. Gifts like pajamas and robes are also always popular but a bit more personal.

Board Games

Board games are a favorite every year. They can be gifted to a whole family for them to play on their own or gifted to a friend that you hope to challenge to a game. When it came to family-friendly board games the classic taboo was at the top of a lot of wish lists along with a more recent hit — a board game called “Codenames.”

10. Christmas decorations and storage

Maybe it’s not typically a gift for others but it’s certainly something that consumers are spending money on. Lights, ornaments, artificial trees, wreaths, and wrapping paper, along with Christmas tree storage bags, holiday-colored tubs, and other storage devices are all big purchases every year around the holidays.

Consumer interests are constantly changing but items that are the hottest gifts of the 2019 holiday season will continue to trend into 2020. Take advantage of that knowledge and use this trend report to help your business grow in the new year.

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