Setting Up Wind Banner Flags to Maximum Effect

Setting up wind banner flags is not difficult at all but if you are reading this post then that means you are having trouble with yours. No need to worry. Following the given steps and you will see those flags dancing in the breeze in no time:

Setup Wind Banner Flags

Inspect the Hardware

The first thing you have to do is unfurl the flags to check them out. Since these come with travel kits and yours have too, just empty out all of the components first. These will include the metal stake, the telescopic support poles and the flag. Just lay out every flag you have and the components they came with near the site where you plan to set them up. No need to worry about the creases on the flags, these will smooth out once they are out in the sun for a while.

Start Hammering

Hammering the ground stake will be tough at first, but don’t give up in the middle. The step is necessary to secure the flag in the ground. You can try and push the stake in if the ground is soft, but in order to ensure it does not topple over with a single gust of wind, using a hammer would be a better idea. That way the stake will go deep enough into the earth to provide the flags a solid foundation. Make sure to hammer the long end of the stake rather than the flag post. You will damage it otherwise. Remember, the deeper the stake goes, the sturdier your flags will be.

Assemble the Flag

Assemble the poles of the flag by guiding the tapered ends into the hole you just hammered. This is not difficult at all and will take a minute or two at most if you are careful. Once the pole is placed securely, the flag pole will stand securely without support.

Once that is done, guide the tapered end of the pole into the hole in the flag (the small pocket) and slip it on until it reaches the top of the flag. To make the flag fly properly, make sure that that the flag reaches the absolute end of the pole.

Tying the Flag

You will notice a loop of fabric at the base which is actually there for a reason. Use this to tie the flag to the support pole by using the bungee cord and the clasp that came with the flag. Then use the metal mount that came in the bag to secure the cord that is affixed to the flag and to the pole as well. Make sure to keep the length of the cord short to create a bit of tension. Next, pull the flag down and then lock it in place with the provided alligator clasp. The flag will then go taut and will not slip off the pole.

Even though the wind banner flags we have at BannerBuzz can withstand the test of time and the weather, it would be a good idea to bring them in during storms.

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