How Car Dealerships Grab Attention with Car Decals

Car decals are one of many ways automobile retailers reach out to prospective customers, but it has been proven to be effective for many years

Whenever a person visits an automobile retailer, they are welcomed with both subtle and obvious advertising ploys. Each time a prospective customer sees a car in a showroom, the name of the dealership is not so far away. Meet with a salesperson? Expect to see the company’s name again on business cards.

Car Decals

Even when a customer purchases a car, they see the dealer’s information in welcome pamp​hlets and car decals. This approach may appear over-the-top, but it is an easy way to attract future sales.

They may not be custom banners, but car decals can grab the attention of many onlookers on the road and popular attractions. Often times, driver   s forget that their new cars already have these displays and will drive with these decorations for extended amount of time.

Custom Car Decals
“Placing license brackets on vehicles, stencils on rear windows and [car] decals on the trunk lids is all about advertising,” Stuart Kasperski of Hyatt Automotive Group told Globe and Mail. “It’s one of the oldest and strongest forms of inexpensive advertising.”

It may have cost them a certain cost up front to purchase these car decals, but when buying in bulk from a custom banner retailer, it can be quite affordable. Depending on how many vehicles on the road keep the car decals, the advertising will cost them nothing if their sales cover the cost of the products.

Customers have the option to tell their salesperson to remove all the decals prior to leaving the parking lot, but that rarely happens. Sometimes doing it at home can be tricky depending if the car decal is opaque with adhesive or a clear item with static cling.

Denis Ducharme, president of the Motor Dealers’ Association of Alberta, Canada, told the source he has received such a request.

“That was in 1970, when I was starting out on the wash rack,” Ducharme said. “But that was once in all these years—I think most people don’t mind telling the world where they bought their car.”

If this marketing tool has worked for auto retailers for this long, imagine how effective car decals can boost profits in other industries. Sometimes customers receive them for free or pay a small fee. Companies that can convince their targeted audience to purchase car decals are getting a return of investment from the start.

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