DigiPrint HD Custom Shapes Logo Mats


Revolutionary DigiPrint HD Custom Shape Logo Mats Made in High-Quality

Custom logo mats are a fantastic addition to any sporting arena, shops, and office buildings. They make great use as company logos and signs to follow social distancing norms. We use digital HD printing technology that brings your logo mats to life. They have striking detail and custom shaping. Attract the attention of others and choose to print any symbol or logo you prefer.

We treat these logo mats with a special ‘stain stopper’ solution. They show no signs of damage withstanding abrasions, heat, spills, and heavy foot traffic. We make it with acid dyed continuous 6, 6 Nylon filament yarn, and polyester spunbond non-woven fabric 3.8 oz./square yard.

Our revolutionary technology prints at 10 times the resolution of other mats offering unlimited color options. The ink is permanently dyed and never fades or rubs away, no matter the wear and tear on the mat.

You can easily clean and maintain these mats. Transform your area and make an impact with our high-quality custom shape logo mats.

Custom Shape Logo Floor Mats to Display Indoors

Logo floor mats don't have to be restricted to predetermined shapes such as circles, rectangles, and squares. Get creative with our DigiPrints unique technology that allows you to order mats in any custom shape. Simply select your size scaling option and personalized design through our online feature. You can even be inspired from our pre-designed templates.

It will be printed according to your preferences after which you can display these distinctive custom logo floor mats indoors on any floor type.

Bulk Quantity Discount on Orders of Custom Floor Mats

We offer bulk discounts on purchase of custom floor mats in quantities ranging from 2-500. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase and place an order now. Add a new dimension to your space with our custom floor mats.